Games to Look Forward to in November!

Only two more months left of 2017! The game releases are yet to slow down on quality and quantity! From new to remastered, it looks to be yet another stacked month of gaming.

Call of Duty: WWII (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

It's about that time. 

Need For Speed Payback (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The road Need For Speed has been going down has been a bit rocky the past few installments. Though this time it looks like they're turning in the right direction. Payback looks great visually and has brought back some of the best parts about the series, cop chases!

Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

I'm hoping DICE can pull this off. Their first attempt at Battlefront last year was extremely disappointing. With a single-player mode and being able to play as DARTH MAUL I might have to give this game a chance. Though I'm waiting until reviews come through from peers to see if it's worth it.

L.A. Noire (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

L.A. Noire is the next big title to receive the remaster treatment. I bought the game late last year for $2.00 so I don't think I'll be getting this remaster. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't! L.A. Noire is a very interesting game to experience. Especially when it was developed by almost everyone's favorite developer Rockstar! 

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Switch/PSVR/HTC Vive)

This will now be the re-re-release of Skyrim. Only this time, there are two completely new ways to play it! It's fully portable with the Nintendo Switch and is fully playable with the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR! I don't really like Skyrim, but it's hard to not be interested in being in the Elder Scrolls world in virtual reality. It's something I might have to invest in.. 

The Inpatient (PSVR)

A new PlayStation VR adventure, and the second one taking place in the world of Until Dawn. Horror in VR is always an incredible experience. I've been waiting to put my PSVR to use for quite awhile now. After playing through a handful of games I honestly got bored. Sony hasn't been pumping out titles lately but with The Inpatient & Skyrim it looks like we're seeing a swing on VR releases yet again.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon (3DS)

I haven't touched a Pokemon game since Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. I may end up picking Ultra Sun or Moon up later in time. I love games that have a tropical setting so seeing the original release almost convinced me to buy it. It's a good thing I waited because I knew they would release another version like they always do. I just have to wait until I get a 2DS XL.

Mario Party: The Top 100 (3DS)

A game I felt would be WAY better on the Switch is releasing on 3DS. Still, it's nice to see Nintendo pay some attention to Mario Party and listen to the fan base (As far as I know I've been talking to people about this for what feels like years.) It handles multiplayer the same way as Mario Kart 7, in which as long as one person has the game you can all play against each other by connecting online! The Top 100 is a game that could very well make an appearance on the Switch later in time, if you have a 2/3DS I feel that this is a must buy!
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