Destiny 2's First Ever Faction Wars Event Rundown!

9/27/17 kicked off a new kind of week-long event in Destiny 2 called Faction Wars! I'll touch up on some spoiler elements so if you haven't beaten the story or are waiting for the PC version of Destiny 2, I suggest you bookmark this for another time or visit one of Cody's or Rob's fabulous blogs.


Alrighty, to even consider participating in the Faction Wars, you need to be level 20 and complete the main campaign/The Red War missions on a character. When you visit the Tower, you'll be asked to speak with each Faction Leader before you're able to take a side. Once you've pledged to a faction you're tasked with collection Faction Tokens and redeeming them for Faction Engrams, much like how you do with the planetary reputation leaders., and contain legendary armor,weapons and shaders in the colors of that Faction. You earn Faction Tokens by completing various activities such as :
  • Daily Faction Rally Missions 
  • Completing Public Events
  • Destroying enemy supplies in Lost Sectors
  • Crucible Matches
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Strikes
  • Raid
  • Nightfall
Note, once you've pledged yourself to a faction you are unable to switch factions until the end of Faction Wars. DOUBLE NOTE: You can pledge to a different faction on each character as long as you've completed the main story and have reached level 20 on that character. It's important to note this because at the conclusion of Faction Wars, the winning Faction will sell a unique gun for a week.

Members of the winning faction can purchase this gun for 1,000 glimmer once and 50,000 glimmer for each additional gun. Guardians not part of the winning faction, either by not choosing a side or a different faction, may purchase the gun for 50,000 glimmer per gun. Each Faction offered their own neat gun: Dead Orbit offered a Scout Rifle, Future War Cult a Pulse Rifle and New Monarchy a Sidearm.  Dead Orbit won the first Faction Wars! Here is the Pulse Rifle they offered for sale:

 All and all, it was a nice event. A new type of public event was introduced in Faction Wars, that does not show up on your overview map, where you must capture and defend supplies from enemies that become progressively stronger the more supplies you capture. I also like how you aren't excluding from buying the winning faction's weapon should your faction lose. Plus, the winning faction has their sigil all over the tower for the weeklong celebration! I look forward to more events like these in the coming months for Destiny 2!

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