Destiny 2 tips!

Destiny 2 launched on PC this week, just shy of two months after the console release. Most of the activities I talk about  won't be available until you progress to a certain part in the story or beat the campaign! Whether you're getting ready for the raid or are starting the game for the first time here are some tips!

Daily & Weekly Reset

Taken directly from the Bungie help page, certain activities reset daily or weekly. The server resets daily at 5am EDT and weekly every Tuesday. Your weekly reset activities will be the source of loot that is guaranteed to increase your Power Level/Item Level!

Power Level Caps at 265!
I really liked this guy's helmet

Once you reach level 20, you'll be cycling through gear until about Power 265. Until you reach that Power Level(PL), dropped gear from enemies, "vendor gear" from turning in tokens and engrams you decrpy will yield gear that increases PL! For Destiny 1 players: You don't need to equip your best gear to get better gear. The game checks for your best possible gear across your all character's inventory and your vault. Once you hit Power 265, you need to rely on Exotic Engrams or powerful engrams from the weekly activities such as the Nightfall Strike,Raid, Milestones or Clan engrams. Once you beat the campaign, you'll be able to take on special planetary quests that award a weapon that is guaranteed to raise your PL! Speaking of clans...

Hey,that's my clan!

Each week, you can up to 4 powerful engrams for the entire clan by completing 4 activities "as a clan". For the Crucible, Nightfall and Raid challenge you need only to finish the activity with at least half of your fireteam composed of clanmates. For the Trials of the Nine Challenge, you need to win a certain number of games not in one session but overall. In addition to these challenges, you get an additional powerful engram for gaining Clan XP from activities such as strikes/crucible/public events! You can also earn special guild buffs depending on the level of your clan like increased XP or increased glimmer gain! One last gem: Clans are cross platform! Haven't tested this one personally but I've seen reddit posts on how XB1 and PS4 players were earning clan XP and getting Clan Engrams from being in the same clan! The same is true with PC players entering the fray!!


Xur's kind of like Santa Claus except you have to pay him for his loot.  He sells exotic gear, gear that you can equip only of in your weapon slot and armor slot(so 1 exotic weapon and 1 exotic armor). Each week he brings one exotic weapon for sale and one exotic armor piece for each class! Exotic weapons costs 29 legendary shards(shards you acquire from breaking down legendary or exotic gear) while exotic armor pieces costs 23 legendary shards. He appears every Friday morning after reset and leaves after the weekly reset. The gear will cap out at 270 power, it scales with your PL up until 265 but it's the best way for your to acquire new exotics outside of engrams!
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