Cody's Halloween 2017

Every Halloween I try my best to at least somewhat celebrate the holiday by playing spoopy games and Halloween themed games throughout the month of October. Some of these games are tradition, while some are simply special Halloween events, which always manage to be fun. I was pretty worried that this year I wouldn't be able to make the extra time to play some spooky/thematic games, but I found the time for a few/stumbled into a few others! Check out what I've been playing to celebrate Halloween 2017!


MediEvil has become a Halloween staple for me over the years. Every single Halloween for the last decade or so I pull out the PlayStation 1 classic. By no means would I consider MediEvil a scary game, but it certainly fits the Halloween theme with a plethora of visuals with some serious Tim Burton inspiration. No matter how many Octobers come to pass, MediEvil still scratches that itch for a Halloween experience that also wont make me pee my bed. It also helps that Sir Daniel Fortesque, MediEvil's main character, is a ridiculously fun character to control. Part of me is always hoping for some sort of N-Sane Trilogy-esque remaster of the original MediEvil, but for the time being the original MediEvil is my go-to Halloween game. (We don't talk about MediEvil 2)

Resident Evil 6

The Resident Evil franchise is one of, if not THE, most famous horror franchise in all of gaming history. Each game in the numbered main series has mixed responses and the fandom certainly has their favorites, and it's pretty well accepted that RE6 is the worst in the main numbered series. Well, after playing RE5 a few months ago with Dictator, we figured October would be the perfect time to dive into the "worst" Resident Evil game. After multiple hours into Leon's campaign I'm happy to say I'm enjoying the game much more than I ever expected to. Obviously, the main complaint of RE6 is the game is basically just an action shooter at this point, and I certainly cannot argue with that truth. Things are quite different, especially compared to the first few games. However, Chapter 2 of Leon's campaign was quite a pleasant treat, and surprisingly tense. The chapter takes place in an incredibly dark graveyard, with actual zombies, traps and a wonderfully crafted co-op area. Ultimately, RE6 actually piqued my interest, and I look forward to playing some more of it with Dictator. When I was surprised to enjoy my time with it, Enrique's wise words echoed inside my mind; "Stop being sheep!!"

Divinity: Original Sin 2  

Hey look! I'm talking about Divinity again! No, Divinity is not even remotely a horror game, but it certainly has some pretty dreary moments. There's skeletons running around, necromancers, witches, cannibalism, demons and plenty of other messed up stuff to encounter while you adventure around Rivellon. However, one area really laid on the spooky quest lines and side missions, and I couldn't help but be glad that we encountered it in October. Bloodmoon Island, a small island off the coast of Reaper's Coast in Act 2 is home to some really unsettling missions, enemies and interactions. It's hard for me to express in detail some of these encounters, because I would hate to be responsible for spoiling the way events unfold in this marvelous game, so I'll just keep it simple. It's pretty dark, and the bloody flora and fauna and soundtrack create a really creepy atmosphere while you do creepy things like kill demons, talk to ghosts and exorcise adventurers. Just another chapter of a ridiculously well written game.

Overwatch: Junkenstein's Revenge  

This is Overwatch's second Halloween and both years they've done a special PvE event called "Junkenstein's Revenge." Last year I have some really distinct memories of leaving LAN Mob and stepping out into the October weather after playing a whole bunch of Junkenstein's Revenge, and even though the formula has barely changed this year, it helped make it feel nostalgic in a strange way. I don't think the game mode is particularly mind blowing, but it's some good simple fun to celebrate the Holiday.

Brookhaven Experiment VR

As I'm writing this I actually haven't had a chance to try The Brookhaven Experiment out yet, but I plan to before this weekend. This weekend at LAN Mob we're having a special Halloween themed lock-in with candy, spooky games and VR! Brookhaven has a campaign mode, but we're going to be focusing on the survival mode and seeing how far everyone can get. I'm not one for scary games honestly, but scary games in even more terrifying...hope to see everyone there! 
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