The One About The Things I Like In Destiny 2

I have a lot to say about Destiny 2! All of Some of it is just incoherent screeching comparing it to Destiny 1 and how good or bad I think it is. The screeching I can decipher is going into this blog post. Without diving into spoilers, this is what I liked about Destiny 2 so far.

The Clan System

Clans have more purpose than having a funny clan name and tag next to your name in Destiny 2! For those in a clan, you have the option of completing 4 weekly activities as a clan, as in half of your fireteam in that activity must be made up of clan-mates , to earn extra powerful engrams. Well, at least for the Crucible and Nightfall challenge. These engrams are guaranteed to give you loot up to your best possible Power/Light Level!  Can't speak personally about the engrams from completing the Raid or Trials challenge. The best part of these clan engrams is that every member of your clan can claim these rewards! I love it solely for its ability to encourage group play.

Clans can also fill the role of Sherpa or guide in the form of "Guided Games". It's an attempt to introduce sherpas or guides into activities like Nightfall or the Raid. Solo players or Seekers have to meet the power requirement for that activity and have a "Guided Games" ticket. These are consumable items that are delivered to your post master at the weekly reset. I haven't queued as a Seeker before so I speak firsthand about it. Clans can queue as Guides to help Seekers through an activity. Haven't done the Raid as a Guide but I queued for the Nightfall and it required two of the slots in your fireteam to be made of clan-mates. Clans have an "Oathkeeper Score" that lists rates how helpful they were in these activities. Pretty much hop on comms, be helpful and don't be a jerk. If you have to leave early from the activity, you can "Vote to Resign" to end the activity early without penalty. Otherwise you're meant to finish the activity as a group! Really neat stuff. Makes me wish for a proper "Looking For Group" gets properly implemented.

Overview Map and Traveling

First: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BACK OUT TO ORBIT TO TRAVEL TO ANOTHER LOCATION. Decide you need to travel back to the Farm after exploring the EDZ? You can go to "Destinations" and choose where you want to go. Another nice thing is you won't be kicked out of menu while traveling.

Second: YOUR MAP IS USEFUL NOW. Pictured above is my map on one of the later planets, Io. The green arrow is you and points to where you are facing in relation to this map. The blue diamonds are Public Events and will either have an orange outline that lets you know when the event should start or will pulse orange when one is in progress. In the overworld, there orange flags where you can manually start the countdown for events. Rallying this flag gives you full super and full ammo! The orange icon are "adventures" or side missions you can go on. You'll notice a green "IX" icon next to my player icon. XUR is now marked on the overview map as that "IX" icon! He's no longer hiding in a social space somewhere but instead hiding on one of the planets. The other blue icon is a planetary quest and the other green icon is a planetary NPC. The spade icon special chests you can find after buying a map from a certain NPC. There are white markings on your map for planetary (gold) chests and lost sectors that will grey out once you've explored and claimed that chest. The last icon to mention, the circle with an arrow inside, is my favorite icon of them all. Which  leads to me last point....

Oh my cotton socks! I don't have to worry about missing public events because I'm on the other side of the map! Or after completing an adventure I want to start another one but the closest one is too far to travel on foot. You start off with one or two fast travel points but as you play through the story you'll unlock more points. Guys, it's just really great. I love not having to go back to orbit because it would take me longer to travel to the other side of the map than to go in and out of orbit.

Revamped Weapon System & Gear Progression

Weapons:In Destiny 2, the weapon system went through a change! Instead of primary,secondary and heavy, we have kinetic, energy and power weapons. Primary or Kinetic weapons are still classified as Pulse Rifles,Scout Rifles, Auto Rifles, Hand Cannons and Sidearms. Secondary or Energy weapons are the same weapons as kinetic weapons but with an element attached to them. All other weapon types such as Swords,Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, Fusion Rifles and the new Grenade Launcher are in the Heavy or Power weapon category. With Energy weapons being elemental kinetic weapons, it makes break shields off enemies in PVE easier than in Destiny 1 where I  was in situations where I had to either use a shotgun or Sniper Rifle to break an enemies elemental shield. It feels less awkward. Speak of shields, when you break an enemy's shield using the same element, their shield shatters and damages nearby enemies! On the PVP side of things, you don't have to worry as much about snipers or shotgun runners causing havoc right out the gate, as those are now power weapons. No more flashbacks to Gears of War!

Gear/Power Level Progression:
I touched on this a bit when talking about Clans but you have so many options to increase your Power/Light Level(I'm going to refer to it as Power Level or PL from here on out). Once you've hit  20/ the level cap, completed the story and activity prerequisites, you'll gain access to weekly milestones to complete that reward Powerful Engrams. Better yet, join a clan and complete the weekly clan activities to gain even more Powerful Engrams per week! The most important thing to me is having the option to do whatever you want. I doubt I'll have time to raid once a month, let alone once a week and I don't find Trials fun. Activities aside, the game takes into account the best possible gear you can equip when determining gear that will raise your PL. No longer will you have to switch loadouts when decrypting engrams or finishing an activity. When you find a legendary or Exotic engram, the PL it will decrypt will be your highest possible PL at the time of collection. It's less of a chore and with the weekly milestones it helps keep players in the loop with something to work for every week.


In Destiny 1, you had a TON of options towards customizing your class. You were given the option option to customize your: grenade, jump ability, melee ability, super ability, stats, along with  subclass specific customizations.  In Destiny 2, you have far less customization options. You have your choice of one of two class abilities, a grenade, a jump ability and one of two specializations or "specs" for your subclass. On the bright side, your two subclass specs offer different ways to play your subclass with different melee abilities and interactions. The biggest buff of them all? You unlock your skills with skill points from leveling or completing certain adventures. It drastically reduces the amount of grinding you have to do to unlock your subclass' full potential. Up until level 20, certain skills in your skill path were blocked by a level requirement. Once you reach level cap, you're free to unlock skills so long as you have the skill points.

It would be wrong to forget about each class(Titan,Warlock,Hunter) gaining a class ability/action in Destiny 2. Hunters can roll and have it either reload your equipped gun or recharge your melee ability. Titans deploy a shield and it can either be a large barrier to block off enemy fire or a smaller barricade that automatically reloads your gun when you crouch under it. Warlocks have the ability to create a rift that will grant an overshield or damage buff while standing in it. Personally, having the ability to roll was one of my favorite exotic perks as a Hunter. I'm happy to see that idea expanded upon and given to each class without an exotic equipment attached to it.
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