Splatoon 2 Splatfest: Flight vs Invisibility Recap

North America's Second Splatfest was Flight vs Invisibility, taking place September 1-2. For those unfamiliar with Splatfests, you pick a side and receive a temporary shirt for the side you picked and play Turf War on 4 maps for the duration of Splatfest. Three of the maps are from the normal rotation while one map, Shifty Station, is only available during Splatfest! Splatfest limits you to either Solo Queue or Team Queue(where premade groups of 4 match against each other). The winning side is determined by three categories: popularity, solo queue wins and team queue wins. Splatfests are the only way to get Super Sea Snails, which are used to reroll abilities or add additional ability slots instead of using your coins. You earn more snails the more you participate! There are 4 ranks to reach in every splatfest: Fanboy/Fangirl, Field, Defender, Champion and King/Queen! 


SPLATFEST RESULTS IN, LI'L JUDD EXHAUSTED. First Splatfest loss of Splatoon 2!! In the previous Splatfest, I was rolling teams while representing Team Mayo. This time around, I was the one being rolled!! I was also sick during Splatfest and only managed to reach the Champion title. I'll still receive a hefty amount of Super Sea Snails to upgrade my clothes.

Toughest Match

 The enemy team had a really good last push towards the end of the match.This one stung a bit. Overall, I had a hard time in this Splatfest. Something wasn't clicking with the maps in rotation for me.

Favorite Art

  My Hero Academia reference!

Persona 5 reference!

Team bias was unintentional! There were some cute Kirby and Kid Icarus references but I didn't think to snap them at the time. I WISH I WAS GOOD AT DRAWING

Parting Notes

Two of the featured maps are ones I would consider not by best maps to play on: Musselforge Fitness and Inkblot Art Academy. Last Splatfest, Mayo vs Ketchup, Pearl's side ended up winning and she performed a little freestyle during the announcements. I managed to snap a picture of Pearl's second victory freestyle! I wish I had it in video form. Overall, I'm 1-1 in Splatfests as Invisible Mayonnaise. ..until next Splatfest!
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