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My god it's already September! It feels like a few months ago Resident Evil 7 came out. So as most people that talk to me know, I don't do as much gaming as I'd like to. Usually it ends up with me playing something like Overwatch or Rocket League and nothing else. Other than that there are games I have queued up that I have the goal of finishing by the end of October. 

Yakuza 0

I still haven't beaten this amazing game yet. I bought it day one and it released January 19th! I don't know how I haven't beaten this game yet. Though the crazy amount of Minigames and side stories can be heavy with the sidetracking, I should've beaten this by now. The story is fantastic with a great way of transitioning from Kiryu and Majima. I played through a few chapters at the Lock-In this past Saturday and I feel like I'm only a few chapters away from beating it!

Nier: Automata

Another game I bought day one but unfortunately went right to my shelf to gather some dust. I've heard from everyone that played it that it's amazing and I'm not surprised. Yoko Taro is an incredible Writer/Director and I'm really happy to hear that he's made another great title. From playing the demo and seeing the blend of different game styles and their approach really intrigued me. After Yakuza 0 I'll finally begin playing this and NOTHING ELSE.

Destiny 2

I never understood the appeal to Destiny. I would watch my older brother play it and just be bored out of my mind. I would always ask "You think this is fun?" to which he'd usually reply with something full of expletives but after it'd be "Well how about you give it a shot and then you can cast your judgment on it." I'd laugh and think NEVER. Then I got Destiny 2 and oh my. I hate myself because I actually like this game. Now when I'm playing it my brother always gives me crap about it. Anyway, I've been cruising through this with my Warlock and I'm almost done with the story. Then I'll finish it with the Titan and Hunter and sink my time into The Crucible and Raids. Overall I'm enjoying my experience with Destiny quite a bit. It's nice when a game surprises you like this, it's been awhile. 

I have been waiting for Cuphead for what feels like YEARS. The impressive animation, gameplay, everything about it makes me excited to finally play this game. The only issue I have is there is no physical edition of the game. Once there is though I have no problem buying this game again. Just from watching the footage the amount of work these guys put into this game deserves to be heavily praised.  With addition of Co-op gameplay, the 29th can't get here quicker!!

It's a light queue for now, but it keeps it nice and simple for me. Cuphead is going to be the last gaming purchase I make for the rest of 2017 so I should be able to finish these games by the end of the month. Except for maybe Cuphead since it comes out pretty late in the month.
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