Project Octopath Traveler Demo Impressions!

When the last Nintendo Direct went live, Square-Enix released a demo for their upcoming RPG Project Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo e-shop. As far as it goes now, the game won't be out until mid-late 2018. Which feels so far away...

The team behind Bravely Default is at the helm of Project Octopath Traveler. However, it's a "Working Title" but I feel they should just keep it. The name actually makes sense once you start the game.

Starting the demo had me feel like it was influenced by Saga Frontier. Choosing between the two available characters out of the eight (Hence the 'Octopath'). The characters are Primrose, a dancer who seeks revenge for the murder of her father, and Olberic, a once proud knight who failed his duty.

Both stories are very well done so far. They both start the same with a certain dream that haunts them. A cool thing about it is each character has their own unique NPC interactions. Primose can allure them into traveling with her while Olberic can challenge them to a duel. The combat has the Bravely Default boost system, where your characters can reserve their energy and let it out in a big attack.

Everything about the demo has been a step in the right direction. The traditional JRPG gameplay, the style, the writing/voice acting, and of course the music. Everything is top notch. If you have a Switch it would be a crime to not give the demo a try. It's looking to be a great experience. Hopefully release day comes quick! 

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