LAN Mob VIP Membership Explained

LAN Mob's VIP Membership

Tonight marks our quarterly VIP party, where we close the doors at 6pm to members only for the night and stay open until 2 am, while ordering up some of Rome's finest pizzas.  We're expecting a good turnout with in-house teams queuing up in League of Legends, Overwatch, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and other popular games.

I thought this would be a good time to revisit the VIP Membership program, explain what it is and how you can reap the benefits available to you under this program.

Membership Cost - $25

Membership Length - 30 days

Membership Perks - Each time you renew your membership you're entitled to 1 perk from the following options: Day Pass, Lock-in, LAN Mob Hoodie, or 8 hours gaming time. These perks are all valued at $25 or more.

Membership Discount - With an active VIP membership you're entitled to a 10% store-wide discount. Everything you buy - from gaming hours to snacks to drinks - will earn you the discount!

Membership Auto-Renew - You have the option to sign up for auto-renewing membership and save with a discounted $22.50/month fee.  We'll automatically email you an invoice every month and charge your card for the amount due.

VIP Party - Once a quarter we throw a bonus party for all members, with free gaming from 6 PM - 2 AM and a selection of the best pizzas from all over Rome.

Membership Streaks - If you can keep your membership streak going without lapsing you can benefit from increasing membership discounts - 15% at 3 months, 20% at 6 months, and 25% at 1 year!  Applicable to anything you buy at the shop.

Value Town

That is a lot of value in one package, and we offer this program to reward our most frequent customers who we see on a daily or weekly basis.  Special shout out to the currently active VIP members below for your continued support, we hope to see you at tonight's party!

~ 9 Months ~
Kindrid Skylar
| NaCl |

~8 Months ~

~6 Months ~

~3 Months ~

~2 Months ~

~1 Month ~
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