LAN Mob Game Review - Everybody's Golf

Hitting a 20 year milestone is something to be proud of. The fact that Sony console owners have picked up enough titles for there to be numerous well-received sequels is something very few developers could have under their belt. Clap Hanz has released yet another game in their Everybody's Golf series. Known in the U.S. as Hot Shots Golf, Everybody's Golf is the title known outside of the U.S. It's quite popular as well and is a Sony exclusive. I am not much of a golf fan, but Everybody's Golf has me hooked.

Regardless if it's offline or online, this game pulls it off completely. Everything about it is fun. There are hundreds of characters roaming around the open world that vary in rank. If you are able to outperform them, they join your gallery. There are also RPG elements in the game as well, which I found to be really interesting. You gain XP on your gear by nailing swings, landing on the green, chip-ins, etc. More XP will make it so you'll hit harder with less sway. 

The gameplay is simple but effective, using the 3-tap system makes it accessible to any kind of player. Courses are given different tweaks to shake things up and present a challenge. There might be a tournament with "Tornado Holes" that will suck in nearby golf balls. Another could have you being set furthering your tee off spot to challenge your drives. Strong winds will challenge your ability to estimate your angles, and a tilt of the green could mess up your putt. It's all very well done and never feels too unforgiving. 

There are other fun things to do around Golf Island as well, like fishing and just driving around on your golf cart. The fishing is fun though it is a mash fest. The online is a blast too. The community is great and the vibe of the game just enhances the experience. There is a game mode called "Turf War." There are two teams and you have to play/replay through a number of holes and claim them within the time limit. Whoever ends with the most wins! I enjoyed it. I didn't play too many games though.

Overall I heavily enjoy the atmosphere of Everybody's Golf. It's a game that I can play a few courses and unwind after a long day. Even when I'm not doing too hot it's still and enjoyable ride regardless. I really would suggest everyone give this game a chance. If you enjoy golf it's a must buy. If not, it's still worth it. It's only $39.99 which is a steal nowadays. Or you could just Redbox it? I really cannot stress how much fun the game really is. Clap Hanz has done another wonderful job and I'm looking forward to the future of Everybody's Golf!

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