Destiny 2 Beta thoughts!

Short and sweet blog post! Destiny 2 held an open beta on PC  stretching from 8/29 -8/31! I've already bought Destiny 2 on console but was curious how well it would run on my home PC. I'm also craving a First Person Shooter that isn't Overwatch or CS:GO. Honestly, I want something that's like Borderlands but isn't Borderlands. I played the heck out of Borderlands 2 and want to experience something different, ya know?
The new Hunter subclass: Arcstrider

We've established that I'm dumb and like to make poor purchases,yes? The weekend before the PC beta was supposed to start, Destiny 2 was on sale for nearly 20% off. I was tempted to buy it out of sheer value with the added bonus of getting into the beta a day early. Ultimately I passed on the offer since I'm unsure how well it would run on my PC AND I already own it on console. Unless we get a surge of people playing in shop, I don't think I'll double dip on Destiny 2. I'm not sure I have time or patience to gear out two characters at the same time haha.
The new Titan subclass: Sentinel
Going into the beta, I wanted to see how well it would run on my PC and how comfortable it felt to play on Keyboard + mouse. Mainly I wanted to feel comfortable playing Destiny 2 on PC. If it runs poorly on my PC, I'll be motivated to getting new parts for my PC.  If I don't feel comfortable playing with keyboard and mouse, I'll plug in a controller and do my best to get that working. Or more reasonably stick to the console version, but I don't need that kind of negative thinking in my life.

The new Warlock subclass: Dawnblade
 It ran really well. It looks like my graphics settings were optimized when I launched the game. I was running a consistent 60 FPS with my GTX 1060 6GB video card and AMD FX-8350 CPU. I'm well past the  minimum video card requirements but I haven't properly gauged my CPU. As for controls, I had to tweak the keybinds because the default settings were gross. I ended up binding Melee, Grenade and "Class Move" to my mouse to free up the keyboard for jumping, running and moving around. I did not get the chance to plug in a controller like I planned because I was stubborn and wanted to give K+M a fair chance.

 As much crap as I give Destiny 1, I enjoyed gunplay. I can't properly explain it but I loved the way most weapons handled and how your abilities shaped your play style. In Destiny 1, I enjoyed playing a Gunslinger Hunter, using tripmine grenades to box my enemies in a room and use my hand cannon to duel them in close-mid range. In Destiny 1, the base classes were a Hunter Gunslinger, a Titan Striker and a Warlock Voidwalker. These subclasses are still present in Destiny 2 however, each class received a new subclass. The Hunter's Bladedancer, Warlock's Sunsinger and Titan's Defender were replaced by the Arcstrider for Hunter, Dawnblade for Warlock and Sentinel for Titan. I played Hunter in the beta and was able to try out the Arcstrider a bit. I didn't get much of a chance to play around with any of my class abilities because they would take a long time to recharge. In my opinion, the ability cooldowns were awful. Either that or I'm spoiled by my min-maxed characters who'd have two of the three abilities (super move, grenade and special melee)  at a low cooldown and have long since forgotten the plight of a low level character. Either way, I'm bummed I couldn't test out all of the new abilities and passives as much as I would have liked.

That about does it for my Destiny 2 beta experience. The few times I played Strikes (think dungeons), I kept getting matchmade into games that were already in progress. I wasn't able to try the PVP but I did read PVP will now be 4v4, changed from Destiny 1's 6v6. I was curious how matches would flow with a reduced number of participants but I'll have to wait until Destiny 2 launches on console 9/6/17.  All in all, I didn't get to play the beta as much as I wanted but with the few touches I had, the gameplay was just like Destiny 1's. If you enjoyed that, you'll probably enjoy Destiny 2.
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