Cody's Gaming Queue - September 2017

In my last gaming queue blog I highlighted everything I planned on playing to round out my summer, with games like Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Absolver and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I'm happy to say I've played some of each of these games, but more shamed to say I haven't given them the time I planned to. My style of gaming has changed a TON over the years, in some ways for the better. When I was younger I would purchase a game and absolutely decimate it, my Xbox Gamerscore is a testament to those...times. Nowadays, I play games in a style I can only describe as "liquid", playing whatever games I feel like whenever I feel like playing them. Typically, I also dump a ton of my game time into evergreen titles like League of Legends/fighting games, but ironically enough my home internet has been total butts lately. This has caused me to take a bit of a break from League and Injustice 2, which are easily my two biggest time sinks the past 4 months or so. That being said, this is what I'm currently sinking my game time into!

Kingdom Hearts 1

Kingdom Hearts is one of those game series that is near and dear to me, for quite a few reasons. On paper this series makes absolute no sense and comes off as a bit of a money grab, but within minutes of playing you know it's actually something very special. The action JRPG developed by Square and Disney not only has top notch gameplay for the genre, it also has a surprisingly extensive plot, and manages to stand out, gimmicks or not. So why am I replaying (for the 100th time) the golden RPG from 15 years ago when I have so many other games to catch up on? Great question! I have no idea! All I know is I'm enjoying it all over again, even though Donald gets off on healing me right after I heal myself. 

YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

YS is a relatively unknown JRPG series, known as the "flagship franchise" of the developers Nihon Falcom. YS is a bit of a guilty subject for me as I've only played a handful of the series, even though I know I'd love the games that I didn't get to play, BUT I AM ONLY ONE MAN. YS has been around since 1987, and each title follows the adventures of Adol, a young adventurer who frequently finds himself in the center of some pretty dramatic stuff. Gameplay changes quite frequently in the YS series, and honestly YS VIII looks like the best entry that Nihon Falcom has put out thus far, at least in my opinion. As I'm typing this I haven't dug into the game just yet, but I'm seriously looking forward to it. Huge shout out to Enrique for grabbing me this for my birthday, he certainly knows what kind of games will ruin my life via crippling addiction.

That's right! YS VIII HAS FISHING.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

At long last, as of yesterday I can finally dig into XCOM 2's massive expansion - War of the Chosen. WOTC actually released 2 weeks ago on PC, but I play XCOM 2 on PS4 (partly because my PC is basically a potato) so I have been sitting patiently and watching all of my favorite streamers experience all the new classes, enemies, armor, weapons, etc, etc. There's so much new content in WOTC it's almost like an entirely brand new game, and it seems Firaxis has seriously improved an already near perfect game. I'm giddy just thinking about all the Advent forces I'm going to blow up, as soon as the near 40 GB expansion finishes downloading. I'm hoping I can keep Bossman alive for longer then one mission this time!

Destiny 2

I'm honestly still trying to wrap my head around this one. It would be unfair of me to say that I hated the original Destiny, I actually had a decent amount of fun with the game considering I played in vanilla, mostly due to the fact I played the entire campaign with a close a friend. Unfortunately, vanilla Destiny is infamous for being the worst form of the original game and despite not being able to compare it to the expansions, I can certainly say it had a ton of issues. That being said, on top of the fact that I don't really play a lot of shooters, Destiny 2 was barely even on my personal radar. Enter Dictator, LAN Mob guest blogger extraordinaire, who was kind enough to gift me an Xbox One copy for my birthday. Before I even finished Destiny 2's (excellent) introduction I was completely hooked. I have a lot to learn and I've been bombarding my friends with texts like "What is an engram?", "Is that Lance Reddick?" and "How do I shoot lightning out of my hands?" Out of all the games on this list, Destiny 2 is currently my prime addiction, and I almost can't believe how much I'm genuinely enjoying it. The Leviathan Raid dropped today, and currently our clan is nowhere near the power level required to even attempt it, but we have our sights set to complete it eventually! In fact, we plan on streaming our (hopefully not pathetic) attempts on our Twitch channel! If you're also playing a lot of Destiny 2, or are simply interested in it check out our community page on Facebook, or join the LAN Mob Guardians clan!

Black Manta Simulator 2017

Even though I'm extremely disappointed and annoyed with NetherRealm Studios for the way they are handling Legendary Gear, I'm not petty enough to stop playing Injustice 2. Yesterday Black Manta released for all Early Access players (ultimate edition and fighter pack owners) and he's an absolute blast to play. I found my groove with Aquaman's archenemy pretty quickly, taking advantage of his plethora of mid range tools and anti zoning abilities. I can't say where Black Manta lies on the tier list, but he's certainly my favorite DLC character so far, which is saying something because I'm a pretty big fan of Red Hood. With Raiden dropping next month, and Hellboy releasing in November there's still plenty of characters to look forward to, I just sincerely hope NRS makes the Legendary Multiverse a bit more reasonable. I devote at least 15 hours a week to Injustice 2 (and that's playing less than before!) and I honestly don't see myself working through the absurd requisites to earn a piece of legendary gear for at least a couple of months. RIP Batman triple jump.
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