Splatoon 2: Salmon Run(down)!

SPLATOON GOT A HORDE MODE!! I was ecstatic when this game mode was announced for Splatoon 2. Salmon Run has a group of 4 Inklings collect as many eggs as they can from the Salmonid, ugly looking salmon fish monsters. The goal is to collect & turn in as many Golden Eggs as you can each round/wave. Golden Eggs only drop from Boss Salmonid, boss monsters if you will, and will drop 3 eggs on death. You can only hold one egg at a time and must deposit your egg into the egg collector before you can pick up another one. The Lesser Salmonid will try to steal back any unclaimed eggs and will change color to signal their intent! While there are only 3 waves in a single Salmon Run session, you have a quota of Golden Eggs to fulfill each round. Failure to meet this quota or suffering a team wipe means defeat!

When you boot up the game. Off The Hook (Pearl & Marina) will announce when Salmon Run is currently running disguised as an advert. This announcement will be made after the current stage rotations for Turf War,Ranked and League Battles. Salmon Run's current and upcoming schedule in local time can be found under the Stages tab. You'll notice in the above screenshot, both the map AND the weapons rotate after every Salmon Run period

Before you're able to enter the online Salmon Run lobby, you are forced to complete the two-part tutorial. Boss Salmon periodically spawn alongside the Lesser Salmonid. Their arrival is signaled by a horn blowing and a notice will pop up in the top-left corner next to your team's status and current wave. Excluding random events that pop up, there are seven different types of Boss Salmonid that can appear So, particulars! You don't have your own gear or weapons equipped. Your special and weapons are randomized but you'll always have the Splat Bomb as your sub-weapon. You are randomly assigned one of four weapons at the start of each wave. At the start of each Salmon Run session, you are randomly assigned a Special. From what I've noticed, you're randomly assigned either Bomb Rush, Inkjet, Stingray or Splash Down. You cannot refill your special but are provided two charges of your special in a single game of Salmon Run. In the event you or a teammate gets splat, you float around as a life preserver and can be revived by your allies hitting you with ink from their weapon/special/bomb! The nice thing about being "downed" is you still hold onto the Golden Egg you were carrying!

You earn points based off the number of golden eggs you've turned in and orange eggs you've collected from splatting the Salmonids (bad dudes). You can earn gear,gold(gold orb),ability chunks(blue orbs)  and food coupons (red-orange orbs) as your "bonus"/reward in Salmon Run! You receive a bonus every 100 points and a superbonus every 500 points. Once earned, you can collect your bonus outside Grizzco in the main square.

Should you be victorious at the end of a Salmon Run session, you'll be able to rank up, increasing your Pay Grade, which is a points multiplier applied at the end of a successful run and a new title! Lose and you might suffer a pay cut!! Depending on your performance during a loss, it's possible not to lose rank points, as shown above.


With a random weapon assigned to you every wave and a random special every Salmon Run, it's hard to offer solid advice Use the training manual (" - " button in the Salmon Run lobby) because it's a rich source of information. It tells you how to best fight each Boss Salmonid as well as tips on dealing with the random events that can occur at the start of a wave. Here's a few tips from my Salmon Run adventures:

  • Become familiar with the weapons in the rotation and learn their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Charger is an excellent weapon fighting against Steelheads, the Boss Salmonids who launches ink balloons from its head. Brushes and Rollers are great for clearing a path through a wave of Lesser Salmonid! 
  • BOMBS. Throw them at the Flyfish Boss as it opens its hatches to fire missiles. Only takes one bomb in each hatch to kill that boss.Time your bomb throw so that it lands where Maw tries to eat you to instantly kill it!
  • USE YOUR SPECIAL CHARGES. I'm not saying to waste them but I find myself with two special charges as I'm about to clear wave 3. Hopefully you don't have this problem!
  • With there being no in-game voice chat, make use of your "This Way!" emote on your D-Pad(assigned to UP) to help direct your allies on where to go. I like to use it when I find the first boss of the wave so everyone knows where to focus on. In the same breath, stick together!! It's easy to get overrun and lose the game because one person overextends while collecting eggs.
  • It's not worth it to isolate yourself collecting eggs. Let the small fry take an egg or two from the far side of the map! In the time it takes you to Rambo up and collect 1 egg and return alive, your team could have killed two bosses and gained 6 eggs.
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