Next Games Activision Should Remaster!

Recently Activision made a statement in regards to the massive success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Saying that they're more open to remasters now than ever before. It's hard not to notice it. Plenty of people purchased The Legacy edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for the sole purpose of playing Modern Warfare Remastered. They didn't care about Infinite Warfare people paid $79.99 just for a remaster. It's incredible. Our longing to go back to the past is a great way for companies to make a hefty payday. I for one am one of those saps that will fall into the trap because you know what? Those games were better. Anyway I'm about to Buzzfeed it up and tell you what games I think will be awesome for Activision to remaster/remake.


Blur was one of my favorite racing games. Real cars with power-ups to mix up the pace. What's not to love? The game would look beautiful on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. Even the Nintendo Switch as it would be a great game to bring on the go and play with friends. The downside? Activision viewed Blur as a financial failure. The studio behind it, Bizarre Creations was unfortunately closed down. Though now Blur has garnered itself a cult audience. The game is a ton of fun and it deserves a second wind.

Crash Team Racing (CTR) & Crash Bash

 This is the most likely out of all of them. Everyone wants it and I'm sure Activision is having Vicarious Visions working on it as I'm typing this/you're reading it. CTR is my second favorite Kart racer next to Diddy Kong Racing. Crash Bash was a awesome game as well. With a bunch of mini-games akin to Mario Party, Crash Bash had it's own unique list of games you can play. 

Spyro Trilogy Remaster

This is bound to happen as well. It would be a dumb move if they didn't. The Spyro trilogy did a lot to improve the 3D Platforming genre. Introducing somewhat of an open-world, Spyro was overall one of the best platforming games of that generation. Each game in the trilogy was released the year after each entry. The fact Insomniac was able to produce three amazing games one after another with more content each time is a feat that isn't easy to achieve these days.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Tenchu is a fantastic stealth game. I would watch my older brother play through it all the time with his friends. I played through it a bit recently and I couldn't help but think it'd be an incredible game if it was remastered. The game is still niche since stealth games aren't released often. The newest game that comes to mind is Aragami. 

X-Men Legends

During the summer of 2016, a remaster was released for both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles. Which makes it that much more of an issue that we have yet to see anything involving the X-Men Legends series. There were two titles released and they were fantastic. Raven Software (X-Men Legends Developer) is currently Activision's handy developer for Call of Duty Multiplayer/DLC. They've also remastered Modern Warfare so why not let them do something with this?

Vampire: The Masquerade (Redemption & Bloodlines)

These PC titles are fantastic. The writing and presentation was great but the gameplay was a little wonky. Time has 100% gotten the best of these games. They're playable but to the modern gamer it'll leave you frustrated with some of the glitches that are ridden among the games. It' definitely a flawed masterpiece. I personally feel that if Activision could find the right developer for a reboot it could do wonders.

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