LAN Mob's 250th Blog Post!

We hit 250 blog posts!

We started posting our first blog posts in February of 2016, kicking off with some short bios on the employees. Over the next 18 months we released a constant stream of varying content, constantly improving and becoming more and more comfortable with the outlet. Now, in August of 2017, we've reached our 250th blog post, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely proud. I think what makes our blog so unique is the multiple perspectives, which helps us cover a pretty wide variety of topics. Not only do each of us have our own gaming preferences, we have had different experiences around the LAN itself. This blend allows us to utilize the blog for important posts like - LAN Mob Summer News  and the MXM Launch Weekend summary, but we also get a bit more personal with posts like Enrique's Pokemon Moon playthrough and Rob's Nostalgia Revisited series. I can't speak for Rob, Enrique or Bossman, but personally the blog has been a pretty massive creative outlet for me. Sure, sometimes I have difficulty preparing a post but that stress never outweighs how great it feels to push out a blog that I'm proud of writing. It's awesome to be able to share thoughts via game reviews, discussing new releases, life around the shop and even semi philosophical thoughts. It feels even more rewarding when guides and other knowledge sharing posts have positive results! I got a lot of positive feedback on my Jungle Graves guide and my most recent Kayn Guide, from regulars in the shop and random internet folk, saying it helped them improve. It's a satisfying feeling. I would even consider myself a fan of our own blog, and I'm genuinely excited to read what Enrique, Rob and Aaron write from week to week. If you haven't already, take a look at the blog archive, I guarantee there's something you'd enjoy reading. To anyone who does follow our blog already, thanks for checking it out!

PS - The LAN Mob blog finally let me express my greatest addiction... 


I didn't think I'd have to write much after high school but life is always full of surprises! I've read a few of the blogs posts from before I started working here and it didn't occur to me that I would have to write too. Though I don't put as much effort as I should on my blog posts that's something I'm trying to work on. I really enjoy doing the Nostalgia Revisited blogs with Rayman being my favorite overall. I put quite a bit of time into it and most importantly it was fun to write. Then there are my sweet Buzzfeed-esque posts with them quality top lists. OTHER GAMERS HATE HIM! SEE HOW THIS MAN GETS A STEADY 3.14 K.D. EVERY GAME!

Ever see Pirates of the Caribbean? Do you remember how Will Turner became Captain of the Flying Dutchman by stabbing Davy Jones' heart?  Except Zach "BabyCakes" Wade is living healthy(?) down South and totally not dead. Yet. That's kind of how I got roped into blogging joined the LANMob blog crew. I feel as though compared to my coworkers & boss, I'm going through the motions when I write stuff. Writing doesn't come naturally to me and I can't force myself to do it (or anything really). Too stubborn/too fickle. Out of all the blogs I've published, the ones I'm most proud of are the Gears of War 4 Horde Mode part 1 & part 2 blogs and my Nioh co-op blog. I put a lot of work into those that I haven't had time to do for the rest of my blogs. Thanks for reading our little blog and hopefully my writing will improve by next year.

I write less often on the blog these days than I’d prefer, but am happy we’re continuing to put out quality content at a high rate. Cody, Enrique and Rob rarely miss a beat with the blog publishing schedule, and Cody in particular has taken a leadership role with his constant enthusiasm for this part of our business.

A personal confession - with the exception of a handful of blogs I’ve written or edited for one of the others, I have a backlog of reading here that dates back to April. I could make excuses about having a busy schedule and the solar eclipse, but the truth is it had just fallen out of my regular reading rotation. I’ve been absorbed in world news for weeks now and really just need to switch all that noise off and focus more on what’s really important. I started doing that this last weekend, and there is a very neat archive in the bottom right of the blog that sorts by date and has let me pick up where I left off. If you’ve been slacking like me and are in the same boat go check it out!

The process of going back and reading these blogs has helped me to appreciate just how much content we’ve created, and it really is awesome. I have a takeaway from every blog I read here, and the team that writes here does a great job of capturing the breadth and depth that is gaming culture. I often discover concepts or themes I never even knew existed, and through this expand my understanding of the culture, and on a personal level gain a better understanding of the individuals who contribute here.

I will have a couple of blogs in the coming weeks, one to mark our upcoming 2nd year anniversary and another for a big announcement we're planning for September - stay tuned!
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