LAN Mob Game Review - Sonic Mania

As everyone knows, Sonic The Hedgehog has had a somewhat troublesome experience with his 3D endeavors the past 20 years. There have some some decent releases (Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors) but the majority however, have missed their mark. Either by a bit or a long shot. When it was announced that there would be two Sonic games to be released I admit I scoffed to myself and thought "Here we go again." Then I saw the gameplay for Sonic Mania and oh my. It looked to be everything I wanted from a Sonic game. Not only that but the animation was incredible. It looked so smooth. It seemed that they are finally taking a step in the right direction and not following the 'two steps forward one step back' that so many games in the series had fallen to.

While Sonic Forces is yet to come out, Sonic Mania was just released last week. With Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley behind the project. For those who don't know, Christian (The Taxman) and Simon (Stealth) are two very well known members in the Sonic community. They've gained praise from the community from their works on Sonic ROMS and remakes. The most praise to me goes to Jared Kasl, the Lead Designer. The praise is well understandable due to how great this game is. Everything about it is fun. It has the same amount of difficulty as the classic Sega titles as well. It's overall a perfect recreation of the good Ol' Sonic that we know and love. From the remixed music to the animation. The whole game moves incredibly smooth. Everyone on this project did an incredible job and proved to Sega that they have what it takes to give Sonic that much needed boost. 

The levels in Sonic Mania are a mix of remade and new Zones. Each Zone is well designed and has a decent amount a length behind each Act. The boss battles shine bright throughout the game as well. of course the platforming has it's issue. When you're speeding through a level and then next thing you know you have to go through a platforming section where you have to take your time with your jumps can really put a bother on the experience. For me it mostly wasn't a problem but it did get obnoxious at some points in the playthrough. 

In this instance, the Boss fight of Studiopolis Zone is a match of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. It's one of my favorite Genesis games and  it was a pleasant surprise to see this in the game as a boss fight. Each of the following fights are all exciting and do something different to keep it enjoyable. The Bonus Stages are a lot of fun too. I enjoyed the Blue Sphere games when I was younger and the UFO Bonus Stage is a really cool minigame that has quite a challenge as the game goes on. 

The only negative opinion I have is the game is too short. It's not too bad since the game is only $19.99 so it's too soul crushing. You could've spent $59.99 when Sonic '06 or Sonic Unleashed was released so it could easily be worse! Sonic Mania is the perfect game for Sonic fans. I genuinely hope that Sega notices the success and praise and gives everyone that worked on this project a chance to work on a sequel and more future titles.

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