Hyped for Fire Emblem Warriors!

Recently, I've been in the mode for hack n' slash games like Hyrule Warriors Legends and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. The Warriors series have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It's great feeling mighty after cleaving through the enemy army with one character or engaging in a duel against a major character/playable character. Playing through Hyrule Warriors and Pirate Warriors has me excited for Fire Emblem Warriors on the horizon! I've been taking notes on the video from the Fire Emblem Warriors demonstration during E3 2017 and a gameplay video of Robin, Lissa and Lucina in action. It's going to be a short blog looking at what I saw and what I'm excited to see in Fire Emblem Warriors.

The Nintendo Direct had a ton of information about the game, which was nice to see. A few of the things I notice they were retaining from the Fire Emblem series is the weapon triangle, stats/leveling up and supports. For those unfamiliar with the weapon triangle, it's a rock-paper-scissors  system of sword-axe-lance. It makes me curious if we will be able to "class change" and use the different types. The gameplay video I watched showed off male Robin using tomes and Lissa wielding an axe. I wonder if we'll get the ranged weapon triangle of tomes-bows-hidden weapons that was used in Fire Emblem Fates. I feel confident in the weapon triangle system being implemented, as it's been done to an extent in Dynasty Warriors 8.

 In both videos, a level up screen popped up during gameplay and you saw your character's stats grows while they made comments on their growth. The pop-up feature can be turned off, according to the demonstration video, which is a nice way to keep the action going.   I'm curious to see if F.E.W. will stay true to Fire Emblem's roots and shape stat growth by a unit's class. In the beginning of the demo video, the player can "pair up" with Chrom and received a stat boost for doing so. In Fire Emblem, you did this to bolster stats and unlock "support conversation" involving the paired characters. I look forward to how silly these will become. I prefer to keep the action seemless. It was discussed during the demo that a favorite feature of mine from Hyrule Warriors Legends was returning: the ability to issue orders to and swap control of playable characters. One of my biggest complaints of the Warriors series is how long it takes to get from one end of the map to another. In the mainline Warriors series games, you have a horse you can all upon to make traveling around easier. However, in the crossover games like Hyrule Warriors and One Piece Pirate Warriors, you could only travel on foot, not counting Link's Epona "weapon" where you fought on horseback. Another feature I noticed from Hyrule Warriors Legends is a weakness gauge displaying over major enemies. Attack the enemy to deplete this gauge and when it empties, you'll do a "critical hit" followed by a short cutscene. It's really flashy and adds to the hype.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any more info on Fire Emblem Warriors but that's about all that caught my eye. They announced that the main cast will be composed of Shadow Dragon(Marth's game, Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates but I'm hoping our boy Roy makes an appearance as DLC. I wonder if and how a Permadeath Mode would work in Fire Emblem Warriors. I would say Fire Emblem is infamous for that. Though, I'll admit I played Awakening and Fates with permadeath disabled because I enjoyed hearing the support conversations. The only thing I'm not excited about is becoming an amiibo hunter once again for the Chrom and Tiki amiibos. I'm also hoping they remove the  5 amiibos per day limit they played on Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Excluding Chrom and Tiki, there are currently 8 Fire Emblem Amiibos in the wild while half of them have been featured in Fire Emblem Warriors. Hype aside, I'm looking forward to how Fire Emblem Warriors will turn out. Although, I've only started the series with Fire Emblem Awakening, I've been excited about the franchise since the appearance of Marth and Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
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