Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Closed Beta Impressions!

A few days ago I casually browsed my e-mail, looking to clear it our once again and found an e-mail from Square-Enix. It was a code for the closed beta of Dissidia NT! Being the Final Fantasy fanboy I am I redeemed the code and was crushed to find out that it didn't start for another day or so. Fast forward and with a couple hours played I have to genuinely say the game is a ton of fun! It puts a nice twist on the Fighting genre with different types of attacks: Bravery and HP. HP attacks take away health from your opponent and Bravery attacks fill your meter and doesn't deal any damage. Though the more bravery attacks, the more damage you'll deal with an HP attack. So you have to find a healthy balance of both within your fight style if you want to win.

It has an RPG feel mixed into it, with four different classes. Marksman which have ranged attacks, Vanguard goes for melee combat up close, the Assassin class utilizes the quick attack and retreat, with the fourth class, Specialist, is essentially miscellaneous and draws influence from the older Final Fantasy games. Like switching between various 'jobs' with different move sets. 

There are also four Battle Sets. Battle Sets are essentially loadouts for each character with different move-sets. They include an HP attack, Bravery attack, and two skills that are passive buffs. Before each game, you'll get to choose a Summon for your team. Picking from fan favorites like Odin, Leviathan Bahamut, Alexander, Shiva, Ifrit, and Ramuh. Summons can be called once a meter has been filled up, and will provide your team with a permanent boost as well as Bravery.

Character list for the beta.

The battles are three-on-three and you win by getting three KOs. You can either knock out one player three times, all players once, or any variation as long as you get the three KOs before your opponents do.

The downside for me was I spent a lot of time on the screen above. It took quite awhile to get into a game but there could be multiple reasons for that. The Time I played, amount of players that received the beta, etc. Though when i got into a lobby I was enjoying myself so it wasn't much of a huge issue.

I played the original Dissidia on PSP way back. Though my memory is very much hazy from my time playing it so it feels new to me again. The game itself is very responsive and overall plays very well. The blend of characters and the three-on-three fights really stresses that you need to work as a team and have a team that can play off of each other. Once you get through the first few matches and everyone gets a hold on what's going on, from there it gets intense and team cooperation is a must if you want to win.

Square-Enix and Team Ninja currently have a great release on their hands. Along with a story mode, it's definitely going to be a day one buy for me. The only problem is the wait. 
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