Enrique's September 2017 Buy(er's Remorse) list!

Originally, the plan was to make a list for what I'm buying for the next few months. While I was budgeting for the fall, I realized there are 6 games that I have my eye on releasing in the month of September. Ouch. On the bright side, I'll be too broke to want to buy anything past September!

Destiny 2

Release Date: 9/6/17
I hate this game but I told my friend I'd buy it if he did. Destiny 2 has two different release dates: 9/6/17 for consoles and 10/24/17 for PC. The best thing I could say about Destiny 1 was that the gunplay was fantastic and it was a fun game to play with your friends. On my wishlist of changes, I hope Destiny 2 does a better job with its storytelling, balance of guns & abilities and multiplayer activities. I'm stopping myself here from talking about Destiny 2! Destiny 1 really rubbed me the wrong way towards the end but I have hope Destiny 2 can change my mind.

Guild Wars 2:Path of Fire
Release Date: 9/22/17

I've been playing Guild Wars 2 on and off for the past year and more actively for the past few months. The expansion brings a new subclass or "elite" specialization for each of the 9 classes as well as a new region to explore. The last expansion introduced subclasses/elite specializations and it was a grind to fully unlock them. I hope it won't be the case in Path of fire! More importantly, Path of Fire will introduce Mounts to Guild Wars 2! The previous expansion, Heart of Thorns, introduced gliding in Guild Wars 2 and had these gorgeous vertical maps to complement gliding Based on the announcement video highlighting mounts, there are 4 different mounts that offer a unique movement ability. I'm really excited to dive right in and explore all this new expansion has to offer!

Pokken Tournament DX
Release Date: 9/22/17

Not much to say about this game. I've seen it get play a lot in the shop and it looks fun. Unlike the Wii-U version of this game, the Switch version will include Pokemon that were exclusive to the arcade version of Pokken in Japan. A demo was announced but no release date was given for Pokken Tournament DX. Out of all the games mentioned, I'm at a "maybe" for whether or not I'll buy it! Hopefully the demo can sway me!

Gundam Versus
*Winning Cover Art Design from the contest*
Release Date: 9/29/17

A NEW GUNDAM GAME FINALLY MADE IT STATESIDE! Gundam Versus is a 2v2 arena fighting game. If you're familiar with Armored Core, it would play similar to that except you're always fighting mechs. It's one of the series I've been keeping an eye on in Japan but never bothered to import. I'm disappointed my favorite series, G Gundam, doesn't have have representatives in-game but it's small blemish in comparison to what series that did make it in. I really, really like Gundam so it's a must buy for me.

I'm omitting Senran Kagura Peach Splash and Metroid:Samus Returns because I'm too lazy to write about them.The former is a spinoff title where instead of brawling(like in the main Senran Kagura games), you'll be engaging in a third person shooter water gun fight. I get the big dumb physical edition whenever a new game comes out because they're pretty nice. I didn't realize Metroid:Samus Returns releases September 15th and I'm going to pass on it. Two amiibos are set to be released alongside the game and I can't bare to behind the hunt again. It's painful to say I'm passing on it,given my love for Metroidvania and side-scrollers but I don't want to live off cheap ramen for a month nor acknowledge that I have a problem!!
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