As gamers, we all have encountered a game or two that sinks it's claws into us. Even after we have completed the story and every sidequest, gathered every collectible and explored every corner, you are still left wanting more. It's not because the game was too short or due to poor writing or a lack of sequel, it just had a certain quality that made you wish it wasn't all over. Keep in mind, this wasn't necessarily an indicator of an amazing game. I played some excellent games that I felt content when they were finished and some flawed games that I still wanted to play more of, as you will see in the following list.

Fire Emblem: Awakening (Nintendo 3DS, 2013)

When I first purchased my Nintendo 3DS, all of my friends unanimously told me that I needed to purchase Fire Emblem: Awakening. And after playing it, I had to agree with them. When I completed the game after investing 50+ hours, my first words were “Oh, I wish it was longer.” It's deeply emotional storyline involved preventing the return of an ancient prophesied evil with some help from your characters' children that time-traveled back from a doomed future. The characters were all well-written and their interactions between each other were worth spending hours grinding to unlock (Chrom and Sumia's being one of the more humorous, Lon'qu and Cherche's being one of the more solemn). And the gameplay was a pleasant mix between welcoming to newcomers and satisfyingly difficult. Sadly, the next Fire Emblem game, Fates, failed to make me, and others that I know, feel the same way.

Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360/PS3/PC, 2009)

Dragon Age: Origins is a game that time has not been kind to. The graphics can be generously described as murky, the voice acting is often rather wooden, and it is full of glitches and (sometimes game-breaking) bugs. But it has heart. Whereas at the end of Dragon Age II I felt that things had wrapped up nicely and Hawke's story was complete, and Dragon Age: Inquistion I begged for the game to be over, DA:O captivated me. Even with all of it's DLC and it's controversial expansion, Awakening, I still wanted to see more adventures with the Hero Of Ferelden and his motley team of misfits, and explore more of the lore of the kingdom of Ferelden. With engaging characters, a great storyline, and a leveling and looting system that almost begged you to make ridiculously busted characters builds, this is arguably one of the greatest games created by BioWare. Perhaps their developers should replay DA:O to regain some of their recently lost mojo.

Tomb Raider (Xbox 360/PS3/PC, 2013)

When Square Enix decided to reboot the long-running Tomb Raider series and make an origin story involving Lara Croft as a young archaeologist who'd never held a gun or taken a life before, some viewed it as a bit of a gamble. But it was a gamble that paid off. You explored the beautifully rendered fictitious Japanese island of Yamatai, trying to rescue your fellow explorers while avoiding other more feral stranded survivors and solve the legend of the Sun Queen Himiko. The graphics were gorgeous, young Lara was a likable and sympathetic character that you watched develop, the combat felt great and the puzzles were the right balance of requiring your brains and not leaving you absolutely stumped. Even after I had beat the entire storyline, unlocked every upgrade for Lara's various weapons, explored every corner of Yamatai, raided every tomb, gained every survivor perk and found every last collectible and GPS stache, I still wanted more.

Akiba's Trip: Undressed & Undead (PS3/PSVita, 2013)

By now you have read the subtitle and looked at the cover art and I know what you are thinking. And you are wrong. And you are kinda right. I'm not even going to attempt to discuss the plot because there is no way to talk about it without it sounding awful. You just have to play it, although probably not in mixed company. Metrically, Akiba's Trip is not even a particularly great game; the graphics are colorful but fuzzy, the combat is clumsy at best and devolves into button-mashing, and the environment isn't very large and turns into a lot of backtracking and fast travel-hopping. But it's depiction of otaku life in Akihibara district, mixed with it's off-the-wall story, side-splitting humor and colorful, zany characters wins you over. It's the best parts of Reddit made into a video game. And when the game is finally over, I found myself wishing there were more strange conversations with my character's shut-in sister, or verbal barbs from anti-hero Rinn. It did recently get a sequel, Akiba's Beat, but it dealt with a whole new cast of characters and was best described by Cory Arnold of Destructoid, who stated "If Akiba's Trip is the shirtless jock who kicks the door in with beers in hand, Akiba's Beat is the timid cocktail-drinker standing in the corner with one hand in his pocket. Technically functional, but spiritually dead."

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4/Xbox One/PC, 2015)

Here it is, the big one, the game that started me down this whole train of thought. After putting 140+ hours, DLC included, I was faced with a minor existential crisis upon completion. Running CD Projekt Red's robust proprietary REDengine, the game was set in a massive, beautiful yet war-torn environment that never seemed to have recycled elements. The story and sidequests were well-written and nuanced and the decisions you made often had long-running and unforeseen consequences. And the characters often felt like real people. After 140 hours, I think I know Geralt better than I do some family members. I had covered every corner of The Continent, Skellige Islands and Toussaint, crafted every set of Grandmaster armor and checked out every corner of the map. And still I wanted more. Sadly, CD Projekt Red decided to cut back from 3 to 2 sets of DLC and The Witcher 3's ending left no real room for a fitting sequel, so it does not look like I will be getting anymore of this experience anytime soon.

So, readers and fellow gamers, what games absolutely captivated you and made you wish they never ended?

A few days ago I casually browsed my e-mail, looking to clear it our once again and found an e-mail from Square-Enix. It was a code for the closed beta of Dissidia NT! Being the Final Fantasy fanboy I am I redeemed the code and was crushed to find out that it didn't start for another day or so. Fast forward and with a couple hours played I have to genuinely say the game is a ton of fun! It puts a nice twist on the Fighting genre with different types of attacks: Bravery and HP. HP attacks take away health from your opponent and Bravery attacks fill your meter and doesn't deal any damage. Though the more bravery attacks, the more damage you'll deal with an HP attack. So you have to find a healthy balance of both within your fight style if you want to win.

It has an RPG feel mixed into it, with four different classes. Marksman which have ranged attacks, Vanguard goes for melee combat up close, the Assassin class utilizes the quick attack and retreat, with the fourth class, Specialist, is essentially miscellaneous and draws influence from the older Final Fantasy games. Like switching between various 'jobs' with different move sets. 

There are also four Battle Sets. Battle Sets are essentially loadouts for each character with different move-sets. They include an HP attack, Bravery attack, and two skills that are passive buffs. Before each game, you'll get to choose a Summon for your team. Picking from fan favorites like Odin, Leviathan Bahamut, Alexander, Shiva, Ifrit, and Ramuh. Summons can be called once a meter has been filled up, and will provide your team with a permanent boost as well as Bravery.

Character list for the beta.

The battles are three-on-three and you win by getting three KOs. You can either knock out one player three times, all players once, or any variation as long as you get the three KOs before your opponents do.

The downside for me was I spent a lot of time on the screen above. It took quite awhile to get into a game but there could be multiple reasons for that. The Time I played, amount of players that received the beta, etc. Though when i got into a lobby I was enjoying myself so it wasn't much of a huge issue.

I played the original Dissidia on PSP way back. Though my memory is very much hazy from my time playing it so it feels new to me again. The game itself is very responsive and overall plays very well. The blend of characters and the three-on-three fights really stresses that you need to work as a team and have a team that can play off of each other. Once you get through the first few matches and everyone gets a hold on what's going on, from there it gets intense and team cooperation is a must if you want to win.

Square-Enix and Team Ninja currently have a great release on their hands. Along with a story mode, it's definitely going to be a day one buy for me. The only problem is the wait. 
Originally, the plan was to make a list for what I'm buying for the next few months. While I was budgeting for the fall, I realized there are 6 games that I have my eye on releasing in the month of September. Ouch. On the bright side, I'll be too broke to want to buy anything past September!

Destiny 2

Release Date: 9/6/17
I hate this game but I told my friend I'd buy it if he did. Destiny 2 has two different release dates: 9/6/17 for consoles and 10/24/17 for PC. The best thing I could say about Destiny 1 was that the gunplay was fantastic and it was a fun game to play with your friends. On my wishlist of changes, I hope Destiny 2 does a better job with its storytelling, balance of guns & abilities and multiplayer activities. I'm stopping myself here from talking about Destiny 2! Destiny 1 really rubbed me the wrong way towards the end but I have hope Destiny 2 can change my mind.

Guild Wars 2:Path of Fire
Release Date: 9/22/17

I've been playing Guild Wars 2 on and off for the past year and more actively for the past few months. The expansion brings a new subclass or "elite" specialization for each of the 9 classes as well as a new region to explore. The last expansion introduced subclasses/elite specializations and it was a grind to fully unlock them. I hope it won't be the case in Path of fire! More importantly, Path of Fire will introduce Mounts to Guild Wars 2! The previous expansion, Heart of Thorns, introduced gliding in Guild Wars 2 and had these gorgeous vertical maps to complement gliding Based on the announcement video highlighting mounts, there are 4 different mounts that offer a unique movement ability. I'm really excited to dive right in and explore all this new expansion has to offer!

Pokken Tournament DX
Release Date: 9/22/17

Not much to say about this game. I've seen it get play a lot in the shop and it looks fun. Unlike the Wii-U version of this game, the Switch version will include Pokemon that were exclusive to the arcade version of Pokken in Japan. A demo was announced but no release date was given for Pokken Tournament DX. Out of all the games mentioned, I'm at a "maybe" for whether or not I'll buy it! Hopefully the demo can sway me!

Gundam Versus
*Winning Cover Art Design from the contest*
Release Date: 9/29/17

A NEW GUNDAM GAME FINALLY MADE IT STATESIDE! Gundam Versus is a 2v2 arena fighting game. If you're familiar with Armored Core, it would play similar to that except you're always fighting mechs. It's one of the series I've been keeping an eye on in Japan but never bothered to import. I'm disappointed my favorite series, G Gundam, doesn't have have representatives in-game but it's small blemish in comparison to what series that did make it in. I really, really like Gundam so it's a must buy for me.

I'm omitting Senran Kagura Peach Splash and Metroid:Samus Returns because I'm too lazy to write about them.The former is a spinoff title where instead of brawling(like in the main Senran Kagura games), you'll be engaging in a third person shooter water gun fight. I get the big dumb physical edition whenever a new game comes out because they're pretty nice. I didn't realize Metroid:Samus Returns releases September 15th and I'm going to pass on it. Two amiibos are set to be released alongside the game and I can't bare to behind the hunt again. It's painful to say I'm passing on it,given my love for Metroidvania and side-scrollers but I don't want to live off cheap ramen for a month nor acknowledge that I have a problem!!
We hit 250 blog posts!

We started posting our first blog posts in February of 2016, kicking off with some short bios on the employees. Over the next 18 months we released a constant stream of varying content, constantly improving and becoming more and more comfortable with the outlet. Now, in August of 2017, we've reached our 250th blog post, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely proud. I think what makes our blog so unique is the multiple perspectives, which helps us cover a pretty wide variety of topics. Not only do each of us have our own gaming preferences, we have had different experiences around the LAN itself. This blend allows us to utilize the blog for important posts like - LAN Mob Summer News  and the MXM Launch Weekend summary, but we also get a bit more personal with posts like Enrique's Pokemon Moon playthrough and Rob's Nostalgia Revisited series. I can't speak for Rob, Enrique or Bossman, but personally the blog has been a pretty massive creative outlet for me. Sure, sometimes I have difficulty preparing a post but that stress never outweighs how great it feels to push out a blog that I'm proud of writing. It's awesome to be able to share thoughts via game reviews, discussing new releases, life around the shop and even semi philosophical thoughts. It feels even more rewarding when guides and other knowledge sharing posts have positive results! I got a lot of positive feedback on my Jungle Graves guide and my most recent Kayn Guide, from regulars in the shop and random internet folk, saying it helped them improve. It's a satisfying feeling. I would even consider myself a fan of our own blog, and I'm genuinely excited to read what Enrique, Rob and Aaron write from week to week. If you haven't already, take a look at the blog archive, I guarantee there's something you'd enjoy reading. To anyone who does follow our blog already, thanks for checking it out!

PS - The LAN Mob blog finally let me express my greatest addiction... 


I didn't think I'd have to write much after high school but life is always full of surprises! I've read a few of the blogs posts from before I started working here and it didn't occur to me that I would have to write too. Though I don't put as much effort as I should on my blog posts that's something I'm trying to work on. I really enjoy doing the Nostalgia Revisited blogs with Rayman being my favorite overall. I put quite a bit of time into it and most importantly it was fun to write. Then there are my sweet Buzzfeed-esque posts with them quality top lists. OTHER GAMERS HATE HIM! SEE HOW THIS MAN GETS A STEADY 3.14 K.D. EVERY GAME!

Ever see Pirates of the Caribbean? Do you remember how Will Turner became Captain of the Flying Dutchman by stabbing Davy Jones' heart?  Except Zach "BabyCakes" Wade is living healthy(?) down South and totally not dead. Yet. That's kind of how I got roped into blogging joined the LANMob blog crew. I feel as though compared to my coworkers & boss, I'm going through the motions when I write stuff. Writing doesn't come naturally to me and I can't force myself to do it (or anything really). Too stubborn/too fickle. Out of all the blogs I've published, the ones I'm most proud of are the Gears of War 4 Horde Mode part 1 & part 2 blogs and my Nioh co-op blog. I put a lot of work into those that I haven't had time to do for the rest of my blogs. Thanks for reading our little blog and hopefully my writing will improve by next year.

I write less often on the blog these days than I’d prefer, but am happy we’re continuing to put out quality content at a high rate. Cody, Enrique and Rob rarely miss a beat with the blog publishing schedule, and Cody in particular has taken a leadership role with his constant enthusiasm for this part of our business.

A personal confession - with the exception of a handful of blogs I’ve written or edited for one of the others, I have a backlog of reading here that dates back to April. I could make excuses about having a busy schedule and the solar eclipse, but the truth is it had just fallen out of my regular reading rotation. I’ve been absorbed in world news for weeks now and really just need to switch all that noise off and focus more on what’s really important. I started doing that this last weekend, and there is a very neat archive in the bottom right of the blog that sorts by date and has let me pick up where I left off. If you’ve been slacking like me and are in the same boat go check it out!

The process of going back and reading these blogs has helped me to appreciate just how much content we’ve created, and it really is awesome. I have a takeaway from every blog I read here, and the team that writes here does a great job of capturing the breadth and depth that is gaming culture. I often discover concepts or themes I never even knew existed, and through this expand my understanding of the culture, and on a personal level gain a better understanding of the individuals who contribute here.

I will have a couple of blogs in the coming weeks, one to mark our upcoming 2nd year anniversary and another for a big announcement we're planning for September - stay tuned!

As everyone knows, Sonic The Hedgehog has had a somewhat troublesome experience with his 3D endeavors the past 20 years. There have some some decent releases (Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors) but the majority however, have missed their mark. Either by a bit or a long shot. When it was announced that there would be two Sonic games to be released I admit I scoffed to myself and thought "Here we go again." Then I saw the gameplay for Sonic Mania and oh my. It looked to be everything I wanted from a Sonic game. Not only that but the animation was incredible. It looked so smooth. It seemed that they are finally taking a step in the right direction and not following the 'two steps forward one step back' that so many games in the series had fallen to.

While Sonic Forces is yet to come out, Sonic Mania was just released last week. With Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley behind the project. For those who don't know, Christian (The Taxman) and Simon (Stealth) are two very well known members in the Sonic community. They've gained praise from the community from their works on Sonic ROMS and remakes. The most praise to me goes to Jared Kasl, the Lead Designer. The praise is well understandable due to how great this game is. Everything about it is fun. It has the same amount of difficulty as the classic Sega titles as well. It's overall a perfect recreation of the good Ol' Sonic that we know and love. From the remixed music to the animation. The whole game moves incredibly smooth. Everyone on this project did an incredible job and proved to Sega that they have what it takes to give Sonic that much needed boost. 

The levels in Sonic Mania are a mix of remade and new Zones. Each Zone is well designed and has a decent amount a length behind each Act. The boss battles shine bright throughout the game as well. of course the platforming has it's issue. When you're speeding through a level and then next thing you know you have to go through a platforming section where you have to take your time with your jumps can really put a bother on the experience. For me it mostly wasn't a problem but it did get obnoxious at some points in the playthrough. 

In this instance, the Boss fight of Studiopolis Zone is a match of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. It's one of my favorite Genesis games and  it was a pleasant surprise to see this in the game as a boss fight. Each of the following fights are all exciting and do something different to keep it enjoyable. The Bonus Stages are a lot of fun too. I enjoyed the Blue Sphere games when I was younger and the UFO Bonus Stage is a really cool minigame that has quite a challenge as the game goes on. 

The only negative opinion I have is the game is too short. It's not too bad since the game is only $19.99 so it's too soul crushing. You could've spent $59.99 when Sonic '06 or Sonic Unleashed was released so it could easily be worse! Sonic Mania is the perfect game for Sonic fans. I genuinely hope that Sega notices the success and praise and gives everyone that worked on this project a chance to work on a sequel and more future titles.

Let me lead off by saying I love Region-Free consoles. What I mean by that are consoles that can play games from another region without having to be altered in some form. Like how I can play games I've imported from Japan using my North American PS4. Currently I'm waiting for a game to come in the mail that's been popular in Japan. The version I bought comes with all the text translated in English with subtitled dialogue scenes and all the DLC included with the game!

It reminded me of how much I busted my butt just to play some games in a different language. Like memorizing certain characters in the menu or trying to patch my game with a fan translation if the community was large enough. The import community wasn't always big enough for some of those games so I would just hope they'd make it stateside somehow. That rarely panned out due to a number of reasons: fan size wasn't large enough, some companies weren't willing to give out the rights for that series, publisher wouldn't bother bringing it overseas, etc.

Growing up, I had access to a few imported games from whatever my Dad found in his travels. The game that brought me into importing and all the shenanigans that came with it was a brawler series similar to Super Smash Bros. called Jump Super Stars and the sequel Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS! The games were a handheld version of Smash Bros with the roster comprised of characters from Shonen Jump, a popular magazine series that contained multiple series under that publisher.

My favorite part of both games was the deck system. You would set up "decks", which were a single comic page, that you used to select your "battle" (playable character) panel  and customize with "support" (assist character) panels and "help" panels. These panels are taken from various scenes in their respective mangas, which I thought was really cool as I read some of these series. I remember spending a ton of time consulting guides because both games had mission modes with unique win conditions like: Only use X attack to defeat your enemy, or break all the walls of the arena without getting hit by the enemy team. It's not as big of a problem thanks to smartphones but back then (ew), it meant going to war with your siblings because you were kicking them off the PC. Not a very family-friendly method if you catch my drift.

The above picture is from a charming side-scroller beat-em-up from one of my favorite game devs, French Bread! It's called Ragnarok Battle Offline(RBO), a spin-off beat-em-up based off the MMO Ragnarok Online. Fortunately, it brought over  RPG elements like stat points, skill points and skill trees that unlocked special moves.

Unfortunately for me, everything was in Japanese and I still was unable to read Japanese. Although I could have gone the same route as Jump Super Stars and consulted guides, the community actually developed a fan-translation patch and were able to translate almost everything! It was my go-to method towards playing imported games. I recall finding a partial English translation of a well received action-RPG (Soma Bringer). Not every encyclopedia entry was translated but everything you needed to enjoy the game was, like menus, dialogue and abilities. I'm both thankful for the games that large enough community backing to produce fan-translations and sad for the ones that weren't.

Lastly, I'll highlight another option I choose with import games: PRAY TO ALL YOUR SALTY GODS FOR AN OFFICIAL TRANSLATION. This happened with three games I've had my eye on: J-Stars Victory Versus (ew), Melty Blood and Gundam Breakers 3!

Incidentally, Melty Blood was also developed by French Bread and is one of my favorite fighting games of all time! I don't remember having any issues with navigating through Melty Blood but that could be my brain playing favorites. A friend of mine imported J-Stars Victory VS and I recall him bringing it over during one of our hangouts. Everyone had trouble navigating through the menus that night, part of it was impatience and the other was the language barrier.

The game I'm waiting on in the mail, Gundam Breakers 3, is a heavily detailed action game. It plays similar to Armored Core or Custom Robo where you're in playing as Gundam models and offered a ton of customization options. The above picture is taken from Gundam Breakers and shows all the information you're given highlighting one weapon. I jumped at the chance when I found out there was a completely translated version of this same game. Like I mentioned in the intro, it comes with all previously released DLC on disk. Normally, I'd have to create a PSN account from the same region to access the DLC. I'm not certain I could use a PSN card from this region to buy goods with an account in a different region.

So what I'm saying is follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from doing what you want! Even if that means NOT learning a new language to play a game you bought overseas!!
Holy crap it's already the middle of August! This year has been flying by, I can't believe the summer is already almost over. Before I get too bummed out about how much watermelon I didn't eat and how much swimming I didn't do, I get to look forward to the last batch of game releases/expansions of Summer 2017. While I still have a bit of a queue planned to end my summer, I'm definitely gonna be adding some of these new releases to it, so let's get started. Here's my queue for the rest of the summer!
Injustice 2

Honestly, I don't see this game leaving my rotation anytime soon. I've played a lot of fighting games and I'm known to get pretty passionate about them, but Injustice 2 hit a very special chord for me. In fact, besides Smash 4 and Street Fighter 4, I think Injustice 2 has pulled me in more than any fighting game of all time. I just hit 220 hours the other night! I think we'll see one more character release before the Summer is up, so I'm really looking forward to that. If you play Injustice, even casually, let me know! Always looking for people to play with! 

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

I pre-ordered Zodiac Age and picked it up the day it came out, but sadly it hit my shelf and gathered some dust for a month. Alas, I've finally put it in and started the epic journey that is FFXII once again, but this time with the new Zodiac Job system and prettier graphics. I wrote a blog post a while back about how I feel about remasters, so check that out if you haven't. I'm only about 10 hours in as I write this, but boy the Job system really adds some depth to one of my favorite JRPGs of all time. Too bad there's no fishing :(.

Release Date - August 29th, 2017

I've had my eye on Absolver since it was revealed last year, and it's finally almost out! Absolver is being described as a martial arts focused action role playing game by the developers - Sloclap. Absolver has a really deep and tactical combat system unlike anything I've ever seen before, and you can really tell the devs have a martial arts background of their own. The art style is really distinct, the world looks gorgeous and it honestly just drips with a really unique style. It's a very hard game to describe, especially since I haven't even tried it yet, but check out some videos if you're curious. I found this one to be a pretty helpful look into the combat of Absolver -

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Release Date - August 29th, 2017

Yep, I'm real excited for this one. I like Mario as much as the next guy, but I can't really say I've played a Rabbids game before. In this case, it doesn't matter too much because it's not like there's any continuity. These weird Rabbit things showed up in Mario world and they have cool guns now and I guess the combat is like XCOM. It's gonna be awesome. It's really nice to have another AAA Switch game too!

Summon Night 6
Release Date - September 5th, 2017

This is easily the least known game on my list for this summer, and that's fine! Summon Night is a fantastic JRPG series that didn't really get a good shot at localization in the west outside of a few titles. Summon Night has always been on of those series I wanted to really delve into, and I'm glad I get a shot at Lost Borders, at least. I like to keep one JRPG in my rotation at all times, so hopefully I can pound out Zodiac Age before Summon Night 6 hits the shelf. 

Dishonored Death of the Outsider
Release Date - September 15th, 2017

Dishonored 2 was a big game for me this year, and while I do think the game came up short in some aspects, it still captures the amazing atmosphere I've only ever experienced in a Dishonored game. Death of the Outsider is a stand-alone expansion sequel to Dishonored 2, set shortly after the game. The expansion has Billie Lurk and the legendary assassin Daud teaming up to take down the mysterious god-like figure present in the first 2 games - The Outsider. I look forward to learning more about the eerie world, Billie Lurk, the outsider and what drives Daud in the forlorn yet beautiful world of Karnaca.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
Release Date - August 29th (PC), September 12th (Consoles)

Last, but certainly not least, is what I'm most excited to get my hands on; The War of the Chosen. XCOM 2's expansion is "nearly the size and scope of the base game", adding in a plethora of content like weapons, maps, hero units and the titular Chosen. The Chosen are a trio of elite aliens with powerful skill sets bent on hunting down the XCOM forces, and show up throughout each campaign, becoming more powerful each time. XCOM 2 is easily one of my favorite games of last year, and I think War of the Chosen is going to help it earn the title back in 2017, from what I'm seeing anyways. Whether you're a fan of the series or not, you've seriously got to give Firaxis Games a boatload of props for resurrecting the series from the dead. Unfortunately, I play on console because my home PC is pretty trash, so I've got to wait a bit longer... :( 

With the Super Nintendo Classic release coming up rather quickly, it's hard to not think of the possibility of a Nintendo 64 Classic. It might not happen, but it's a good way for Nintendo to make some extra cash (not like they need it). The NES was a nightmare to get a hold of and with a sliver hope we can only think they have learned their lesson and will supply us with a healthy amount of SNES Classic units. If not, there is always the chance that if they ever release a Nintendo 64 Classic they'll learn from past mistakes! Sadly, some of the best games on the console wouldn't be possible due to Microsoft having ownership of Rare. So that means no Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Blast Corps, Killer Instinct Gold, or 007 Goldeneye. Though there are still plenty of great games that this console had to offer.

Paper Mario

I've never played the original Paper Mario. I've only played through The Thousand Year Door. It still looks great after all those years and it'd be a treat to play through.

Pokemon Stadium 2

Another amazing multiplayer game! Filled with fun mini-games and Pokemon from generations 1 & 2, Pokemon Stadium 2 is a must for this hypothetical system.

Mario Tennis

I love Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube. Though I have never played the original, I think it'd be a must have title for this.

Super Smash Bros

It would be a crime to not include this. With the game costing upwards to $75 online it would be worth it for the system just for this. Might as well call it the "Smash Classic."

Donkey Kong 64

The king of all collectathons. For those of you who don't know. Rare was the king of these kinds of games. Collecting all different types of items to progress farther in the game and unlocking secret areas. Donkey Kong still holds the record for most collectibles at a staggering 3,821!

Harvest Moon 64

I've heard from plenty of people that this is the best Harvest Moon ever made. So why not include this?


This one is more of a personal preference. To be honest if it happens Winback won't be on this. For those of you who don't know, Winback was sort of the Nintendo 64's Metal Gear Solid. Winback is well known among developers for originating the cover system you see in most shooters today. Like in Metal Gear Solid 2, Gears of War, etc.

Super Mario 64
I don't really need to explain why.

Mario Golf

I'm not too crazy about golfing, but Mario Golf is great.

Kirby 64

Kirby has always had that cute charm to it. So why not include Kirby's only appearance (besides Smash Bros.) on the system by putting it on the system?

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I mean both of these titles are a given. Even though they've been remade these helped Nintendo 64 consoles fly off the shelves.

Bomberman 64

Either this one or Second Attack would be perfect for this little imaginary system. I still play this game often and it's a go to for multiplayer.

Yoshi's Story

Yoshi's Story is another cute game that is a ton of fun to play. Super easy but the overall experience is very enjoyable.

Sin & Punishment

A game that should've been brought to the States, Sin and Punishment is an incredible shooter game. The kicker for this is the fact that there was English voice acting and everything. It just wasn't released here.

Starfox 64

With the inclusion of Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic this year ya might as well include this.

F-Zero X

Nintendo's Wipeout! I feel Captain Falcon should get more love. With the sudden burst of Metroid appreciation lately you never know.

Wave Race 64

For it's time and even in today's standards Wave Race 64's physics are really impressive. It's a fun racing game to boot! I loved playing this game with friends and family but for some people this would be a niche pick.

Mario Party 2

How can you not want at least one Mario Party game on this? What better game to have to ruin your friendships again that's not Monopoly. Plus the older ones are way better than the newer ones. Being in a car together is boring.

Yes there are plenty of games that got left out that could be part of this idea. There could even be more games put into it. Just think, if this keeps up we'll need five years and we can get a Nintendo Switch Classic. Or you know, you could just download an emulator and save some cash.

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