LAN Mob Game Review - Super Stardust VR

If you aren't aware, Super Stardust was originally released for the PlayStation 3 in 2007. It's a game I gave a majority of my time to and I don't regret it. It really set my love of shoot 'em ups in stone. Now they've remastered it along with a PSVR counterpart! I recently purchased this on sale; which was amazing because I wasn't even aware of this release! So in short, I'm going to be giving my slim amount of time to this game and it will be divine. 

Super Stardust is one of the best twin stick shooters I have ever played.
Though I never expected something like this to be released. Super Stardust VR is pretty decent. You use head-tracking which brings the "IMMERSION"  to new heights. It's a really cool twist and feels like this was meant to be. You have an option to just explore the world without any enemies heckling you at every turn. Or you can dive right into it and wallow in a sea of space despair. It's takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get into it the fun kicks into overdrive. 

You're set inside the cockpit, where you can see your HUD and find out where all of the enemies are with a quick glance down. When the action gets intense it's easy to forget that there is even a enemy tracker. R2 is your trigger and L2 is your homing missiles used to get rid of mobs. You have other items like EMPs to help with your mission. Your inventory can also be found to the left of you. On top of all that, moving feels natural even with the head-tracking.  

Of course the traditional modes can still be played in VR as well. There is no cockpit view, but it will be the classic camera view. You can still look around the area by moving your head though. If you do happen to star gaze, there is a good chance that you'll lose a life a two. This is the game mode where I sacrificed all of my time when I was younger. After all these years of not playing it, it's still able to captivate me like it did when I first started the game up. It's hard to find games like this nowadays. Something you can just sit down and play for a short amount of time and be satisfied after your playthrough.

Super Stardust is one of the best games that has been released on the PSN. Anyone that hasn't played this should buy it. Along with the regular Super Stardust Ultra (which you can buy if you don't have a PSVR), you will get all of the new VR content with it's massive amount of replay value . Even after years after release it's still a ton of fun and with the new remaster/VR mode, it gives us another chance to sink in hours of time into this incredible game.    

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