Spoils of the Steam Summer Sale 2017

Steam Summer Sale 2017 wrapped up a few weeks ago. I say this every year but I miss the flash sales! It was fun waiting to see what games were rotated in as featured games, with bigger discounts as long as they were featured. On the other hand, I'm less inclined to make impulse purchases just because a game is insanely cheap! With this summer sale, I took to friend recommendations for all but one of my purchases. My friends and I have similar taste in games, so I try to pay attention to any suggestions they make. I ended up buying Transistor, Anarcute, Dead Cells and Hollow Knight based off their recommendations!

I've been meaning to pick up this game for a long time! Since its release in 2014 in fact! Although I never got around to playing it, my friends highly recommended Bastion. Transistor was created by the same studio! I've only seen screenshots and heard my friends talk about, I'm intrigued. The art is real nice and I've been told it has a great soundtrack. I have no idea what type of game Transistor is but I'm a sucker for good art and music.
Saw my buddies playing this while we were hanging out! You play as cute animals rioting throughout cities. To me, it's like a mix of Rampage, Katamari Damacy and Pikmin. It looks really fun and cute and it was cheap. Easy purchase for me.

I didn't know this came out until I was browsing my curators. I spent a lot of time playing Magicite which was made by the same devs. Looking over a few reviews, it looks to be a similar game. Magicite was a rogulike platformer that had RPG and crafting elements sprinkled in. The few reviews I looked over made it sound like they took the things I liked about Magicite and made another game! This wasn't a game a friend recommended I pick up but it was part of my steam sale haul.
Dead Cells

Recommended by a friend who shares a love of Metroidvanias! It's an action platformer with roguelike elements. The spriteworks looks gorgeous and I'm always looking for a good platformer to sink my teeth into. I try to avoid early access games but my friend was really excited about this game. I look forward to watching this game grow from early access to launch!

Hollow Knight

Another game that I fell in love with watching my friends play! Hollow Knight is yet another metroidvania was gorgeous, hand-drawn art! There looked to be an upgrade system as well as the usual backtracking and exploring that is done in a metroidvania type game. It looked really fun to play and a handful of friends heavily recommended this game, so I bought it on the cheap.

All and all, it wasn't a bad haul. I realize after writing this all up I went heavy on the action-platformers/metroidvanias.  Eh, I'm a simple man. Now comes the hard part of finding time to play all these games! Feel free to chime in with what you snagged from this year's summer sale, or what you're waiting to drop in price. Looking at my wishlist, I'm waiting to pick up Stardew Valley and Bayonetta, along with a handful of niche Japanese games like Sora, Momodora and "Xmas Shooting - Scramble!!".
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