Rob's Top Final Fantasy Summons!

Summons are a staple of the Final Fantasy series. It's one of the coolest things about the series. What's better than being able to decimate enemies with a dragon? or even a Chocobo? Since Final Fantasy III, you have been able to summon these magical beings with either offensive or supportive effects. There are a ton of summons throughout the series with Final Fantasy VII having a total of sixteen summons and Final Fantasy VIII having twenty-three. In some games they aren't referred to as Summons. They are also known as Aeons, Astrals, Avatars, Eidolons, Espers, and Guardian Forces. There are numerous recurring summons that have been in the series from III to XV. Though in Final Fantasy XII most of the recognizable summons are names of airships/dungeons.  Obviously there may be some story spoilers just so ya'know.

One of the most recognizable summons is the series, Bahamut is one of the strongest beings to come to your aid during battle. Usually he is the final summon you acquire in the main story of each game outside of the side quest summons. In Final Fantasy VII there are three different forms of him!

Shiva is the known as one of the more compassionate Summons in the series. Especially in Final Fantasy XV. Every Astral in the world of Eos has a very disapproving stance on humanity. Shiva however, looks upon humanity in a brighter light. When it turns out that the woman Gentiana, who has been around since Noctis and Lunafreya were young is Shiva. Its a nice surprise. Plus her fight with Ifrit is pretty sweet. 

Knights of the Round
The ultimate summon. The only way to get the Summon Materia for Knights of the Round is to get a gold Chocobo. Which can be achievable in two ways; Breeding Chocobos or defeating the optional boss Emerald Weapon. Either way it will take awhile. When activated, the 13 Knights of the round table will come to your aid and decimate any enemy you send them towards (except the Weapons or Safer Sephiroth.). While they appear in a few other Final Fantasy games; they aren't summons. The Summon animation itself clocks in at about a minute and a half. At it's maximum, it can deal 129,987 damage. You could use the time during this summon to go to the bathroom or even make a sandwich.

A massive sea serpent that controls water and dwells in the oceans. His Summon move is "Tsunami" which can destroy a large amount of foes. Him and Bahamut are some of the prominent Summons in the franchise.

Do you like Transformers? Well Alexander is like that, but way cooler. He's a gigantic weaponized platform of destruction that deals 'Holy' damage. Alexander can be a tall robot or even a large castle. However in a handful of the titles, there is a great cost for summoning Alexander. It's really cool though so who cares?  

One of the more darker Summons in the series, Anima is one of the few Aeons that have a backstory. Originally summoned Seymour Guado to annihilate the fiends in Luca, she's drug up by a chain from the darkness and unleashes her power upon enemies. She is an optional Aeon acquired in the Baaj Temple. 


Yojimbo is a pretty cool Summon/Aeon. He is acquired by visiting the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, where you must hire him to become Yuna's aeon. When you summon him you must pay him and he does one of four attacks. Zanmato will kill any enemy or boss in one hit. Everything he does is smooth AF.

Eden is the most powerful summon in Final Fantasy VIII. Obtainable from drawing a optional boss, Eden is able to break the attack counter (9,999 damage). Eden is the longest summon in FFVIII, and the second longest in the series.  

As opposed to causing destruction, Carbuncle aids you with heals and protects the party. In most cases you'll find that Carbuncle is extremely handy to have around.

It was either this or the Brothers from VIII.

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