LAN Mob Summer News!

There's so many amazing things happening at LAN Mob this summer, I figured it would be helpful to compile it all in a blog post, as well as discuss my own thoughts on each event/change. Its been a really exciting season so far, and we only have more to come. In fact, there's so much I don't even know where to start!

Local Competition
First up, I want to talk about tournaments! We've been running Overwatch 3v3s pretty often, on top of some fighting games like Tekken 7 and Injustice 2. In fact, just last Saturday we ran another Smash 4 tournament, which was our first since LML ended. These events have been fun every single time, and I really believe we can get even more players in for the upcoming ones. If you like to play any of these games or are interested in learning, definitely stop by and talk to somebody at the desk for more information. We can even try to help find you a team for them!

July 15th - Overwatch 3v3 - 2pm
July 29th - Injustice 2 - 2pm
August 12th - Overwatch 3v3 - 2pm
August 26th - Rocket League 2v2 - 2pm

However, that's not all! As many of you know, we've been running midnight tournaments at every Saturday night lock-in for quite a while now. These events have varied a lot. We've done Overwatch, League of Legends, a really creative H1/PUBGs event and even multiple Call of Duty Zombies score attack/survival events. We've covered a ton of genres and different levels of popularity, and we've certainly seen and heard what everybody's favorite events are. We'd like to focus more on these well received midnight events, but we also want to continue to play and help introduce some more niche games. So we're happy to announce we will be running a supplementary 6pm event on every Saturday, free for all lock-in sign ups. This block of time will allow us to plan some really creative events, sometimes even downright strange ones (Bushido Blade 2 tournament!), while maintaining a time block at midnight to continue offering the games everyone loves. This last lock-in was the first event, which we utilized the HTC Vive to run a Space Pirate Trainer score attack! It was a lot of fun, and we've got a plethora of ideas for these in the future.

Check out our channel for highlights and VODs of some of our past events. Our last Tekken event had some awesome upsets, the Injustice community is building up for our next event, and we're always playing Overwatch around the shop. Stay tuned to our channel to catch our future events!

LAN Mob 1.5
If you've walked in the shop early last week, you got to see the early makings of a LAN Mob remodel. We still have a bit to do, but the hardest steps have been taken! We put in two doorways right between the front room stations, a project Bossman dubbed "LAN Mob 1.5" a while back. These doorways give us access to our entire building, without having to go outside! We've moved the front desk station next door (don't worry, you'll get used to it), and we have a much easier time accessing the HTC Vive, which lowered the hourly price to only $15 per hour, or $25 for two hours. From my own perspective, I absolutely love the new setup for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I get to look at these super cool Mario stickers all day. The new setup also opened up the original desk area for something very special; which I'll touch on more a bit later!

There was a wall here 14 days ago!

GG Circuit Season 6
Overall, the GG Circuit integration has been a huge asset to our community. The GG Coin economy has been an awesome perk for all the gamers spending time in our shop; earning a currency for just doing what they love to do. Players can spend these coins on prizes in the GG vault on things like game bonus packs, snacks, drinks, game time, event passes and even full blown games! In fact, copies of Battlefield 1 were added into the vault yesterday for only 45,000 coins! Outside of the coin economy, the GG Circuit integration lets our players compare themselves to players around the world playing games like DOTA 2, League of Legends and Smite. You can also get a huge run down of all of your League of Legends stats from the games you've played right here in the shop!

Check out I Nacl I's current League stats. GG Circuit keeps track of it all!

With Season 6 of the GG Circuit, we had the opportunity to offer some prizes to top coin earners in various ways. Top overall coin earner has been taking home a special GG Medal. We also have a plethora of PC swag from E-BLUE that we've been giving away to top skill coin earner. We also raffle off some E-BLUE swag to the top 10 overall coin earners per week. There's so many chances to get some cool stuff! We even have a grand prize at the end of the season; an official LAN Mob GG Season 6 Trophy.

"MattBGames"  - Week 1 Overall Coins + Skill Coins Winner

"I NaCl I"  - Week 2 Skill Coins Winner 

From a business stand point we get some really cool statistics, like total coins earned and spent here at LAN Mob. We can easily keep track of what prizes get redeemed the most, when new prizes get added and even how many coins you earned in your latest League of Legends match! It's pretty funny to check the recent coin earnings and see that somebody just had an amazing game, then go ask them about it. Recently, LAN Mob regular, I NaCl I, pulled 90 coins in ONE League of Legends game, and he was playing Thresh! I think what has me most excited about GG Circuit is the boundless potential and future updates. I don't just mean to the cafe software ("GG Leap"), but to future events (like the League of Legends WAN we participated in), future prizes in the vault and more games capable of earning skill coins. It's a bright future!

Master X Master Masters
Master X Master has kind of taken LAN Mob by storm. If you've been around the shop or check out our Facebook page you've definitely already heard but we have the awesome opportunity to host a big game launch event of NCsoft's newest game starting this weekend. Friday we'll be playing from 6pm to midnight, which we expect to be the busiest point. Saturday we'll be playing 12pm (noon) - 6pm, but we'll also be running various events throughout our Saturday night lock-in. Lastly, we'll be playing all day Sunday, noon to midnight. On top of the awesome swag and game codes we get to give out, the first 25 people to show up get a free meal! We think MxM has the potential to be a pretty strong mainstay in the shop, so come on down and get a jump on it. We have multiple people who will be around during the events to answer any questions you may have about how the game works, they're already masters of Master x Master!...errr...yeah!

SGDQ - Going Fast for Charity
SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) is an awesome speed running marathon that benefits the amazing "Doctors Without borders" charity. This year the event is taking place July 2nd - July 9th and is filled to the brim with over 160 hours of the gaming community beating video games...well really really quickly. LAN Mob has donated to the past two events, and we're doing it again this year! We're collecting any donations our community may like to give at the front desk, and we're going to donate Saturday night during the lock-in event. It's for a wonderful cause, and I can't help but feel a sense of pride when I see what the gaming community can do. Check out the website for yourself!

Blast from the Past
Lastly, LAN Mob needs your help! As I mentioned above, we have some really cool plans for the newly cleared space from the remodel. Since the beginning of LAN Mob's time here on N James Street we wanted to include a way that you can play the games that helped shaped the media we all love so much into what it is today. A way that a ten year old kid can see where it all started. Unfortunately, we only have so much space, so some ideas took to the back burner. Until now! We're ecstatic to be in the middle of building a retro station! We have a good amount of gear already, thanks to Rob and myself, but there's definitely a lot missing. Right now it looks like we'll be hooking up a PlayStation 2, a Gamecube, an N64, Ninteno's classic NES, Sega Genesis and hopefully even a classic SNES. We've got a massive amount of games across these consoles but here's what we still need -

   Nintendo 64 Controllers
RGB Switch
TV Stand

Craigslist certainly works out sometimes, but you never know who might have a random TV stand or RGB switch laying around. If you, or somebody you know, has some of this stuff and feel like you have no use for it, please let us know! Additionally, if you have any retro games laying around for those consoles, let us know! I seriously can't wait to share some of the games I feel so nostalgic about with our community. Thanks everyone!

I think that pretty much covers everything for now! Thanks for taking the time to read about all the great things happening at your local LAN Center and we hope to see you soon!
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