LAN Mob Game Review - Fated: The Silent Oath

Fated: The Silent Oath is a virtual reality first-person narrative-adventure game developed by Frima Studio. I didn't realize this came out until I looked through the available games on the PSN Store, plus it was on sale! I for one am really fond of Vikings/Norse Mythology and I don't think there are enough Viking games. So I'm happy to see not only a Viking game but a VR one too!

The story revolves around Ulfer, a Viking villager who doesn't believe in Valhalla. You start the game at death's door, seeing a light that forms into a Valkyrie. She asks if you'd like to see your family again, which you of course answer yes. However, the only way to come back is to make a deal. If you accept, your voice will be taken from you. You still accept and you end up waking up in the back of a moving cart with who you find out is your wife and father-in-law. This leaves your only means of communications are to either nod 'yes' or 'no' (which is a neat-o way to use the VR head-tracking) she begins to explain what happened.

There are four acts throughout the game. Act I, outside of the beginning, was a pain to get through. It started out well but got progressively boring. Then a few minutes into Act II it started to pick up speed. It was a rush to go through with some intense moments. Acts III & IV were heavier around solving simple puzzles and avoiding certain traps. Each obstacle helped create the great atmosphere the game already portrays. The best part of these trials were the swinging axes. As you get closer to them its almost like you feel them swinging right in front of your face. As you take the chance to go through I panicked each time. It was quite a rush. Though I wish the puzzles were a little more difficult.

The art direction Fated takes is very similar to a Pixar film, visually appealing all the way through. There were however some issues with the voice-acting. It wasn't 'Resident Evil' bad, but it had its moments when the lines felt blandly voiced out. It's not a deal-breaker for me though but it could be for other players that are looking for that full immersion kind of deal. The game is only about two hours which is a little bit of a mixed bag. Though the way Act IV ended left me playing through one more time to make sure I did everything correctly. It has me waiting patiently for a hopeful sequel.

My prime issue is some of the controls. As far as I knew there was only 'snap turn' which instead of turning smoothly it'll snap in a variant of either 20-75 degrees. 'Snap turn' is one of the worst things for me in VR. It's uncomfortable and it has a nauseating effect on me. I got used to it but it was still an annoyance. Another issue was the movement. You walk VERY slow in this game. I blame it on being spoiled with the ability to sprint in pretty much every game. I feel like they didn't make that an option due to the possibility of making people sick. However, it would've felt a lot better to control if they did.

Overall FATED: The Silent Oath is an excellent VR game. Within it's short time, it's able to take you on an emotional journey right from the start. It's definitely something I'd recommend!
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