LAN Mob Game Review - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

It's here! After the announcement at last year's E3 Conference, I've been patiently waiting for this game release. I haven't played anything else since this came out! It's a true remaster in every sense of the word. The gameplay, dialogue, and levels are all the way I remember them. Vicarioius Visions did an incredible job with the task they were given. Handling a project like this seems like a tough job. More so the fact that Crash Bandicoot has such a huge following and people are nearly overdosing on nostalgia for it, myself included. I imagined them tweaking a few things and then afterwards thought of the immediate backlash they'd get for trying something new with the game. With that point aside, The N. Sane Trilogy is a genuinely great remaster.

The game(s) looks fantastic. Most of the levels are still fun to play through and hold up even after nearly twenty years. It feels just the same as you run/ride through the levels, with all the same aggravating level design intact. It still plays well and feels fresh. Though just like old times the jumps can be deceiving. You think you're right on but you fall to your death. Which isn't a problem because getting lives is extremely easy in these titles. While it does indeed have it's difficulty, it takes a few misjudgments to straighten your thought process out. You don't want to treat this like Sonic and speed through everything. At some points you need to take your time and measure the distances of jumps, enemy patterns, etc.

Though I believe you can skip Crash Bandicoot 1 (It's not nearly as good as 2 & 3) it's still really fun to play through and it's incredible to see how much better Naughty Dog got at level design gets as time went on.

Like I said earlier. Vicarious Visions really nailed it with the presentation. Even starting the game up put a smile on my face. Especially this:

It's a small thing but it was really cool to see them do that. Though it made me want an option to change between the two versions of Crash. Hell, I normally wouldn't but I'd pay a couple dollars to have that option as DLC. As referred in one of my older posts, the music in the Crash Bandicoot series are some of my favorite soundtracks in gaming. It's so upbeat and fun. The got the original composers back to remix the original soundtrack and it's as good as ever!

A lot of love went into this remaster and it shows. There are plenty of "bad" remasters that get released and the N. Sane Trilogy really sets the bar up high. Vicarious Visions really knocked it out of the park and did exactly what I wanted. It's a necessity for any PlayStation 4 owner. Hopefully we can eventually get either a CTR/Crash Bash Remaster or new entries!
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