Enrique's First Look at the Nintendo Switch

Against the odds, I was able to buy a Nintendo Switch a few weeks back. I've been holding out to get one until a Splatoon 2 bundle was announced for North America but it never made it overseas :( . That's fine though, I'll just have to pick up Neon Pink & Green joycons when they become available and can pretend that I bought the bundle. Up until last week I didn't have any games for my Switch! I bought Arms at launch but lent it out. I was able to borrow Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in exchange, so that's nice! It goes without saying but I also bought Splatoon 2 when that came out.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Zelda: BOTW
I bought this originally on the Wii-U but didn't get past acquiring my glider. It was when I had too many games to play and not enough time. I must say, I'm a big fan of the Switch's portability. It's especially useful when I'm killing time before work or when I'm waiting on friends. It's a big reason why I'm even playing it now! Compared to where I was on the Wii-U, I've defeated my first Divine Beast and cleared enough shrines for a 4 or 5 hearts. I'm not a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series but I've been having fun with BOTW. My only complaint so far is I don't have a recipe book to store my recipes. I'm hoping I'm able to acquire a fishing rod and properly fish. I've resorted to throwing bombs in rivers in the hopes of snagging a few fish. Maybe I'm far enough where I acquire a recipe book or fishing rod.  Also hoping the Master Sword doesn't break on me, whenever I can acquire that. We'll see!

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2
While I'm able to play Breath of the Wild wherever I please, I have to stay in one place for Splatoon 2! In the week that it's been released, I've had two solid days of playing and have not touched it since!.I had a real bad incident of constantly getting disconnected during launch day! I was temporarily banned from online! Devastated or more so furious, I ordered a LAN adapter (The Switch dock does not have one built in, boo!) and a long enough Ethernet cable that would reach my room. Needless to say, it killed any excitement I had to play, as Splatoon's multiplayer is the main draw of the game. On the bright side, by the time I arrive at my buddy's place, my ban was lifted and I played with my friends in the same lobby for the rest of the night. We didn't get to try the horde mode, Salmon Run but we have plans to tackle that the next week it's free.

I'm not thrilled about online Salmon Run being available at certain times of the day, every other day but at least I can play it locally. I'm waiting until I get burnt out with Breath of the Wild before I tackle Splatoon 2's single player mode. I enjoyed playing through it in Splatoon 2 but it got really intense towards the end. It reminded me of the old Mario 3D platformers. From what little I've played, there are all new supers in Splatoon 2. I believe no other super has made it to the sequel other than bomb rush/sub-weapon rush. They added "dualies" and they're a fun,close to mid range weapon. With Dual Pistols, you have the ability to dodge roll while firing and can dodge twice in a row. Those were pretty fun to use! I had such a good time that I haven't used any of the other weaponry. I did notice the Roller now flicks ink vertically in mid-air instead of horizontally. That'll be real fun to learn how to use; hopefully the next blog I write will be how rad Salmon Run is!

And that's that! I have a blog in the works on Fire Emblem Warriors! I saw last week a gameplay video was released so I'm getting around to watching that and watching the E3 '17 presentation of it. I've been putting it off until now because I've been on a hack n' slack kick for the past few weeks. I hope to get that out in the coming weeks!
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