What I Hope to See at E3 2017

Last year's E3 Conference showcased some incredible games and most of them have either came out towards the end of 2016 or earlier this year. In short, 2017 so far has been an incredible year for gaming. From the quick advances in Virtual Reality to the new Nintendo Switch console. There are plenty of rumors stirring the pot in the short few days before conference time. So here are a few things out of the hundreds that I hope to see from the E3 conferences this year let it be either progress on a game or even just a pipe dream.

Death Stranding
Last Year Hideo Kojima came out ready to drop a teaser for his new game. It had all of the Kojima flair and looked beautiful. Once we got to see that it was yet another collaboration with Norman Reedus after the failure of Silent Hills, It made me ecstatic to see them working together again and this time, hopefully actually releasing the title. We ended up getting another trailer at GDC later in the year which showed a few more other characters such as a guy that looked like Guillmero Del Toro (Another Silent Hills Collaborator). I'm hoping this year we get to see a lot more on this title regardless of what it is. Even though Kojima mentioned there's going to be no showing of it this year I'm hoping that he's lying.

 Final Fantasy VII
I know it's overrated to most of you but Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important games to me. Not only was it my first RPG, it was one of the first real games I played as well. It's still worth a playthrough even though the game is incredibly outdated graphic wise (The remaster is worth a shot at if you haven't played it). I remember watching E3 with my older brother when they showed the trailer and I threw my phone in excitement. I can't wait to see how they expand on the story and what they change. As of for what they show at E3, I'll take whatever I can get. I want them to take their time on it so even if they don't show anything I'm fine with it.

A Final Fantasy Remaster (VIII, IX, or Crisis Core)
Like I mentioned above we got a remastered version of Final Fantasy 7 a few years ago. So why not do the same with 8 and 9? They're already on Steam and iOS. It'd be a nice treat along with the Remaster of XII coming in July. With Final Fantasy 7 going full swing with development it'd be awesome to get a Crisis Core remaster to keep people that are hyped for the remake satisfied for a bit. They remastered Type-0 so why not?

 Spyro Trilogy Remastered
With the massive amount of hype around the Crash Bandicoot Remasters it just feels right that they give Spyro the same treatment right? These two games are platforming gold and got their start on PlayStation. It only feels appropriate that Activision lets this happen.

Days Gone
Once I saw Days Gone I was hooked. The game puts a nice twist on how the zombies react and the world around you. Letting you create obstacles for them as you try to escape makes it so every chase is a thrill-ride. Plus it's being developed by the same team that brought us the Syphon Filter series!

Last of Us 2
There will 100% be more information given to us during Sony's conference. To be able to see how much more the world has changed around Joel and Ellie is something I'm extremely excited for.

Shenmue 3
Sony, PC
With the announcement last E3 and the massive Kickstarter that has funded 6.3 million dollars is a testament to how many people would love to finally get the sequel we all want. I honestly have never played either Shenmue entry, but I'm aware of how popular the game is among it's fans. Regardless, I'm still very excited to see how well along development has gone. One of these days I'll play through them before the third comes out. They've been on my bucket list for too long.

Crackdown 3
I never played Crackdown before. I've always wanted to though. The game just seemed like so much fun. Run around and blow everything up? That's my kind of game. Hopefully we get to see more this year because Microsoft is really hurting right now game-wise. There's only so many Halo/Gears/Forza games you can pump out before it loses it's appeal.

Sea of Thieves
Even though the "real" Rare is dead, it still looks like the new team is trying to get back that former glory. It looks like they're getting close too! From the developer diaries I've seen I'm really looking forward to see what they have to show at the Conference. Provided that they actually show it. Perhaps it might even be a day one purchase!

New IP
Like I said above, It's time for Microsoft to release something new. With Sea of Thieves coming it's at least one new IP form Rare. But after the unfortunate cancellation of Scalebound, I really want to see something new. I know they have the ability to do it. But seeing the Scorpio and a couple titles aren't going to cut it. I want to play my Xbox One. So far there's nothing really getting me to bite.

Nintendo can do a lot to make the Switch something worth picking up. With Splatoon 2, Arms, Super Mario Odyssey making their way to the console it would be amazing to see some older IPs make a comeback. From Kid Icarus to even the Ice Climbers. Nintendo has a lot under their belt and they can use them to launch the Switch to be a real force to reckon with. Thanks to the Wii, Nintendo is set for awhile. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't hold back any punches.

The return of EA Sports Big
Sports games are incredible now. The realism to how well it simulates the world around the sport itself. Though that's all it is, a simulation game. I want an arcade-y sports game. NBA Playgrounds is okay but it's no NBA Street. I don't care for Madden and without another Blitz: The League, EA can re-introduce NFL Street. What I'm trying to say is that the "Street" versions of sports games are way better than their realistic counterparts. I strongly dislike FIFA but I really got into FIFA Street. You can't forget about Def Jam Vendetta. A wrestling game with rappers. Could you imagine destroying today's rappers as some of the emcees from back in the day? Every game that I played from this publisher was fantastic and I'd love to see EA reintroduce a new line of Street games. This is highly unlikely though but I can dream, right? 

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