Rob's E3 Impressions!

E3 this year felt a little underwhelming. It's understandable, I feel that it was hard to compete with the announcements of last year. This year was also loaded with good content but some conferences were left with much to be desired. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft each had their own surprises from TWO new games to a series dear to my heart to a Shadow of the Colossus remake. It wasn't a bad showcase by any means. There are numerous other games I'm looking forward too but if I list them this blog would be quite lengthy.

Super Lucky's Tale
(Xbox One)
At first when I saw the tail I thought we'd finally get a new Conker game. NOPE. Then I saw the ears and realized it wasn't meant to be yet again this year. Though when gameplay was shown I found myself drawn to the game. The cute design and the platforming itself looks really well done. All of the characters have a certain charm to them as well. On top of that it's only going to be $29.99!

(Xbox One, PC)
FINALLY A RELEASE DATE! Everything you see in this game is hand drawn. That is ******* incredible. I'm fascinated with the 30's animation style and StudioMDHR is doing great with this game. This is in my opinion a one of a kind game that you won't really find anywhere else. It's truly something special. They brought in a 13-piece big band and a 10-piece ragtime band as well as a solo pianist and singers for over two and a half hours of music for the game! They also brought in a studio to create the sound effects you'll hear in the game as well. I. Can't. Wait.

Crackdown 3
(Xbox One)

Beyond Good & Evil 2
Beyond Good & Evil is a game that everyone should play through. The game is fantastic and after a teaser that was released nine years ago we're finally getting the sequel we deserve! Except it's not a's a prequel! I was a little disappointed but was very excited, and after seeing the developer's overwhelming emotions after the trailer was presented reassured that I shouldn't be disappointed in the slightest. When a developer shows passion like that for a game it makes it special. It doesn't feel like it's a "9-5" job to them. I'm so excited for this. All aboard the hype train!

Detroit: Become Human
This game caught my interest last year. I really enjoy games where you get to choose what happens in the story. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. From the looks of it this game looks just as if not more intense than the titles previously mentioned. On the dowside it didn't show the detective from the first trailer last year. Maybe you'll play as both characters? Or could be that they scrapped the idea.

Who doesn't love them some Spider-Man? The gameplay was so smooth and the voice acting was superb. I'm glad to see Insomniac doing what they do best and making what will be the best Spider-Man game yet!

PSVR Support Continues!
I'm sure some of us remember the Vita. When Sony announced they were cutting first party support last year I was crushed. I literally bought it a month before E3 and I was excited to see what they had in store for it. Only to be disappointed. This was the case with the PSVR. I was honestly scared that they would either one game or cut support altogether. It felt unlikely due to the massive success but still. I was really happy to see all of those titles get announced and I'm looking forward to playing each one.

Super Mario Odyssey
This isn't Super Mario Sunshine 2, it'll do. Joking aside every Mario entry does something new. That's what is so great about Nintendo. They aren't just total copy & paste games. They always have something new implemented to give the game a twist. Odyssey looks incredible. From the visuals to possessing a T-Rex. Cappy is a really cool concept and I'm 100% stoked for October!

Metroid Prime 4
There wasn't anything shown other than the logo. Man, that build up nearly gave me a heart attack. You could ask a few regulars around the shop and I've been talking about how cool it'd be to have a new Metroid on the Switch. Now we've got it! It may be a few years but just the fact that it was officially announce has me stoked!

Metroid: Samus Returns
Here's that second game I mentioned in the beginning of the blog! Metroid is a kick-ass series and it makes sense now of why they cancelled the fan remake AM2R, since this is a full-fledged remake of Metroid II! Gameplay was shown and it looked incredible. It's nice to see Nintendo still show support for the 3DS even with the Switches portability. It may slowly phase out the 3DS in time, but not for awhile.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
As a lover of RPGs I loved both Xenoblade games. The open worlds are beautifully designed with amazing soundtracks to boot. The characters are mostly like-able and have great battle systems. This game seems to hold the same standard as the others. Monolith Soft has an impressive track record that has ceased to disappoint me. With an October release date (unless it gets the Xenoblade X delay treatment) it looks like Nintendo is preparing for yet another stacked holiday!

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