Pre-Vacation Queue!


I'll be going on a trip in the next few days! In case the weather's bad or I end up stuck in transit, I plan on bringing my 3DS to pass the time! I don't intend on staying indoors during my trip, so I won't bother packing up one of my consoles. On trips, I generally like to bring games that are easy to pickup and play as well as a puzzle or strategy game. Any story heavy games or anything that requires focus while playing will be shelved for the trip. Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem are two series that come to mind. Which is a shame, I was hoping to finally start Fire Emblem Echoes! Thumbing through my library, these are the games that come to mind.

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition

Crazy long title but it's actually two games in one! Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile game made by GungHo and it's a match-three puzzle game mixed with RPG and strategy elements. Think of it as a typical turned based RPG where you have a party of monsters. Each monster has a corresponding color/element and takes additional or reduced damage depending on what color/element is attacking it. You make attacks(or heal) by matching color blocks, the more blocks you match at once the stronger the attack. You can increase the potency of the attack or heal by chaining these color matches. You create matches by dragging one of the color blocks and cam set up combo chains depending on how you drag the color block. I think the closest game I can compare it to is Pokemon Shuffle or Bejeweled. It was a bit of an obsession back when I played it on mobile! I hope I don't "unleash the beast" (as Cody puts it) and become addicted to it again!

Terraria 3DS

I logged many hours on the PC version of Terraria just doing stuff. It's one of the games I site when I mention why I avoid sandbox games! With that said, this was on sale following e3 2017 on Nintendo's eShop. This was more of an impulse by than an informed purchase!  From what I understand, the 3DS and console versions are a few patch cycles apart from the PC version. Which is fine with me for now, I spent too long perfecting my minecart track that reaches from one side of the world to the other side to recreate it !

Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 & 2

I talked about these games before! It plays like a spiritual successor of the Mega Man X series, an action platformer game. It has a rank system that scores you based on your performance through a level, such as multiple enemies killed at once or not being hit by an enemy attack. There's a crafting system and leveling system that further encourages multiple playthroughs of a level. My focus is on Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, as I've already unlocked the true ending in the previous game. I haven't played much of the second game due to all the big console games coming out but I'm hoping I can make time in the few days of free time that I have!

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Another victim of game over saturation! I loved the Wii-U version of this game so much I picked it up for my 3DS when it was on sale. Hyrule Warriors Legends plays similarly to any of the "Warriors" games from Koei-Tecmo, which is to say it is a hack n' slash of you versus an army. At lower difficulties, you're brainlessly cleaving your way through thousands of the opposing army. At the higher difficulties, you need to be wary of high ranking units clumped together. From what I understand, the 3DS version lets you take control of multiple officers/playable characters in certain battles. I'd imagine the downside being you'd lose if any of the playable characters were to fall in battle. There's also "My Fairy" which acts a little partner that can grant you buffs or unleash magic on your foes from what I understand. I haven't done much research on this title either but I hope it doesn't lose too much of its charm coming from Wii U to 3DS.

There's no guarantee I'll get to any of these during my trips but I like being prepared! Although, I am giggling at the idea of submitting a blank page for next week's blog entry. The above are typically what  games I like to bring on trips, if any! Nothing too story heavy and something I can play in short bursts. Again, best case scenario is I'll get to none of these and spend most of my time walking around with Pokemon Go open. Worst case scenario: the weather's awful and/or I get stuck somewhere! Fingers crossed!!
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