Pokemon Go Resurgence!

With the nicer weather, I felt compelled to pick up Pokemon Go once again! Like a good chunk of people, I picked up the game when it came out last summer. Even though we have a ton of gyms and pokestops a few blocks down from LANMob, I never got into the game. I blame that on my laziness. To get the ball rolling on combating my laziness, I reinstalled the game before I left for vacation, as I intended to get a ton of walking around in! During that time, I made an effort to hit up at least one pokestop a day and log whatever neat thing I did.

Day 1:
Gyms were still closed when I arrived to where I was staying for my trip. I took my headphones, fold-up chair and phone at caught Pokemon at the beach while kicking back! The Pokemon I caught weren't too strong due to my low level but I was happy to expand my Pokedex. I wasn't able to get close enough to the Pokestop while at the beach, which gave me some problems the following day...

Day 2:

I threw way too many Pokeballs yesterday. I was having a real hard time catching this Poliway(my ball kept veering off to the side) and before I knew it I ran out of Pokeballs! I was devastated. Towards the end of the day I found myself with a set of Pokeballs. In another stroke of good fortune, I was able to catch the ??? CP Pinsir which turned into my strongest Pokemon yet! Before that I had a 300+ CP Weepingbell I caught last year. Unless it was changed from the last time I played, you get candies for setting a Pokemon as your buddy and walking around with them. I don't remember if the notification popped up but I swapped out my Eevee for "Snippy" once I filled up Eevee's gauge.

Day 3:
Between the Pokemon beach party and restocking my Pokeballs the day after,I managed to jump up two levels! I wasn't as active on this day but I attempted to try the Raid Battle that was introduced with the latest update. I was very excited when I saw the Raid Battle notice popup and equally disappointed when I found out I wasn't a high enough trainer level to participate. I browsed on forums and Pokemon Go's subreddit and it looks like you must be level 20+ to participate in Raids at this time.

Day 4:

Feeling reckless, I decided to attack a Gym to test out my Pinsir. This was my first time fighting in PoGo and I was interested in how combat worked. I did a ton of tapping and swiping but I don't believe I used my charge attack move. It was fine though, I just barely won against the Arcanine. Seeing as how the Blissy was almost triple the strength of my Pinsir I relented. I do wonder if combat's any "deeper" but it must wait until I have stronger Pokemon. The hearts above the Pokemon act as stamina for the Pokemon guarding the gym. You feed them berries to keep them in the Gym and once their stamina depletes they return to their owners. Sounds much nicer than having to revisit the Gym to collect your defeated Pokemon. With the stamina system I imagine the various teams will be engaging in a tug of war with one another to take control of a Gym.With the Gym changes, I wonder if I can catch a gym off guard and topple one back home. Nevermind that, there were so many Pokestops where I was! It was like an outdoor mall so I didn't have to worry about cars while I was walking about with my phone out!

Overall, I had a ton of fun. I didn't care about my Pokemon's party until after I attacked that gym. Despite not knowing what to do I thought it was fun. People have been asking for a year but it'd be really,really cool if they could implement Trainer Battles. I like PoGo for the collection aspect and how, in cases like this where I was on vacation, it lead me to explore my surroundings. I can't say you'll see me around Rome,NY wandering between Pokestops but I'll try my best to visit them now and then.
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  1. Not sure how/if location-based games like PoGo fit into your business model, but...Ingress is Niantic's other game which came before PoGo, and it's pretty cool. It'd be great to see the local Ingress scene pick up again (pretty slow lately). Any interest in organizing/hosting something like a how-to or recruiting event? Or maybe just giving it a try to see what you think?

    1. Can't speak for Big Boss but I see it as something to bond over with your fellow gamer. When PoGo was released, we organized walks to the nearest PokeStops. As for organizing Ingress events or any in particular, it's a matter of there being enough interest. I remember playing Ingress back when it was in closed beta! When the news of Niantic doing PoGo first dropped I was excited. Haven't played it in ages but I hope the city isn't held in a choke-hold by one team!

    2. Nice, I'll be looking for a future "Ingress Resurgence" post! Haha