Rez Infinite Review

Originally released 15 years ago on the Sega Dreamcast, Rez has made it's way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Though it has been out for quite sometime; I've decided to give my PSVR a "date night" of sorts since I haven't even touched it since Resident Evil 7 was released (which I still haven't finished.)

Let me start off by saying oh my god is this game amazing. Rez is a rail/rhythm shooter that oozes massive amounts of style. I never played the original but I knew of it. From playing this remake it's clear that this was meant to be for VR since it's conception. Now if you don't have the VR don't let it discourage you from getting this. It's available to play without it! In VR mode, Rez uses head tracking to aim and it feels miles better than using the controller to control the aiming. Even while your speeding your way through each level, I didn't feel motion sick at all. The whole experience was extremely comfortable; everything felt right. For some people though I could see it being a bit too much. There are some points in the game where it feels like a sensory overload and you're about to collapse. There were a few point where I exclaimed "Holy S***!" and almost paused the game.

There are several game modes; first is the classic arcade mode. While quite short with only five stages it still provides a challenge. Arcade mode has ten levels in each stage with the last level leaving the boss to take care of. Throughout those levels you must make your avatar stronger and gain overdrive points to destroy the boss. As each level progresses, each thing you do adds a different layer to the music. The last mode is a new one called Area X. Area X is the only new piece of content in Rez Infinite and it's fantastic. An off rails mode with each experience giving you a different soundtrack. You can destroy certain enemies and leave others alone and it presents you with a different beat than before. You can move yourself closer or farther away from your enemies. Fly around structures and just float in the darkness. It can provide you a different experience each time which only elevates when you put the VR into the mix.  

The music is incredible. The way the gameplay flirts with the song playing in the background is fantastic. With each power-up, kill, and level completion; the song gets better and better. It's truly incredible and it makes the experience so much more worth it.

In short, Rez Infinite is fantastic. Even after completing a majority of the stages I find myself replaying through them. It's an amazing experience and I truly recommend everybody to try it out with or without VR.     
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