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I've played way too much Persona 5 this week in regards to working on my game queue. Usually, I budget my playtime to 2-3 hours a day  and play maybe 2-3 days a week. This week, I was curious how far I'd get just playing whenever I had free time. Unfortunately, this led to me clearing two dungeons and loitering around the entrance of dungeon #3. I've also been playing Heroes of the Storm more frequently. It recently received a large update that added sprays,voice lines, banners that drop when you take an objective and a complete revamp on their reward system. There's also another Overwatch crossover event where you play games with a friends in HOTS to earn goodies for both games. It's a nice change of pace from Persona but P5 has its claws buried deep in me.

Heroes of the Storm


Heroes 2.0 brings a ton of customization options, plateaus the Hero XP needed to level up a Hero past level 12 ...and loot boxes. Your account level is now your "player level", which is the sum of levels across all the Heroes you've played. You gain loot boxes for every level up, a rare loot box every 5 levels and an epic loot box + 150 gems every 25 levels. Instead of buying a skin/mount and having tints locked through Hero level, each tint is considered a separate skin and you can "make" the skin using "shards" (think Overwatch's coin system) , gained in loot boxes from duplicate items or as a bundle of shards. You can also craft sprays, voice lines, mounts and announcer packs with shards. I'm less than enthused at the prevalence of loot boxes in games, but I won't go on a rant about that. I really like how rewarding it is to level up a character now. Before, it was a grind to get a hero to level 5 for 500 gold and grind your way to level 10 to unlock additional tints for your skins and mounts on a particular hero. The promise of loot boxes with every level up and a chest of holding at least 1 item of a guaranteed rarity at certain intervals makes the grind less oppressive. And I've been playing characters I've never considered playing before because of getting a particularly nice skin for them. Then again, this could be a knee-jerk reaction to something new. I won't think about too hard, I'm enjoying myself for the time being.

Persona 5

Ryuji's max social link perk: Prevents Morgana from telling you to go to bed
I'll be keeping things spoiler-free. I'm loving this game so far. So much that I'm tempted to go back and finish Persona 3 or Persona 4 once I've chipped away at my queue. My favorite thing to do is fill out the social links with my "confidants". You get to know more about each confidant the higher you progress through their social link and can earn some neat abilities for both party members and non-combat confidants. Of course, you do this to get XP bonuses when creating Personas of a certain arcana and unlocking  powerful Personas once you reach max rank with a confidant. I will admit it gets a bit tricky managing your time between spending time with your confidants/party members, dungeon crawling and then raising your personality traits/working your part-time job/misc. I know the last few Persona games have a new game+ that lets you pick up start the game again with all your stats, levels and social links retained so I think I'll worry about maxing the rest of my confidants then.

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