Mr. Moon's Wild Ride: Long Winded Hiatus Edition

Officially dropping Pokemon Moon from the juggling act I call my game rotation!! My last entry was late February where I stopped just before my first encounter with a (creepy looking) Ultra Beast? Since the start of the new year, my motivation to play&blog Pokemon Moon has been waning to say the least. I didn't dislike blogging about my adventures through Pokemon Moon but I do think there could be a better way for me to do things. This entry will be me picking my brain trying to figure out what I liked and dislike during my time blogging about Pokemon Moon. I hope that by doing this, I can look back and focus on what went right with my blog and what went wrong in order to make a better blog.


  • Intimately familiar with Pokemon

With every new Pokemon game, I'm excited to see the new Pokemon designs and what they've done to change the core Pokemon experience. Unfortunately, that's where my excitement ends after playing all but a few entries into the main line of Pokemon games. I'm more interested in blazing through the game until I beat the Elite Four. Forming somewhat competitive teams, breeding for stats and egg moves and EV training is where I start enjoying Pokemon. It's just easier to do these things after you beat the Elite Four instead of before. To combat this, I tried to go against this and take my time playing through Pokemon Moon. I enjoyed exploring the Alola Region thus far but I'm too impatient to play through it at this time.
  • Screen captures are disabled

The biggest issue with assembling posts for the PokeBlog was trying to naturally capture moments in Pokemon Moon. For a reason I can't comprehend, the screen capture feature is disabled on the Pokemon Games. This lead to me trying to always having my phone ready in case something cool happens like a funny piece of dialogue or defeating a tough trainer. It broke my immersion because I felt I had to be ready to capture that "moment". There were a few times where I'd save before an event and replay it just to capture a good moment.  I could always take less pictures but I felt it gave insight to whatever I was doing. If I'm ever to do another playthrough blog, I'll have to either avoid games that disable screenshots(what are the chances?) or decide what's a healthy balance of pictures to take.
  • Undermined by my habits

I have a weird habit where I don't like sitting still or doing one thing for too long. Usually, this means I'll walk around a lot while playing games, watching TV or even reading on my smartphone. It's hard for me to get hooked into games or shows because of this. Believe it or not, it's even worse with handhelds. Although I can play wherever I chose with a handheld, this means I can also stop playing mid session and maybe go a few days before I pick it back up again. There were many times where I'm in the middle of a Pokemon battle, close my game and have my battery die before I can resume that battle. I'm getting better at managing this habit but I'll have to accept going with the flow instead of forcing myself to play.


  • Pokemon Moon was better than I expected

I thought long and hard about it but liked my playthrough so far. I'm loving the tropical setting and I think the Alola variants are a cute twist on older Pokemon. I'm not just saying that because Alola Dugtrio is favorite Pokemon, either! Z-Moves are a nice change compared to Mega Evolutions. On paper, it doesn't sound as oppressive as Mega Evolutions. You don't have to worry too much on having an entire party swept by a Mega Evolved Pokemon. The Ride Pokemon are, to me, a welcomed change after forcing myself to carry one or two Pokemon that knew only HM moves so that I may travel freely around that game's region. Poke Pelagos are a cute gimmick. They add a mobile game element to Pokemon with timed activities such as sending your Pokemon on expeditions for treasures or my personal favorite, passively EV training your Pokemon. If you can't tell, I really like the characters I've met so far, including Team Skull! There's so charming and goofy. I look forward to 
  • I liked writing about my progress
Chronicling what I did every week was nice. It motivated me(for a time) to keep playing to see how far I'd get. Without the use of guides, it was fun trying to figure out what element a Trial Captain specialized and then figuring out what team I can form to best beat their trial. When I went through my camera roll, I looked at each Pokemon team photo I took and remembered who I was trying to beat at that time. Pictures that invoke those type of emotions are something I want to focus on while writing my blog posts.

That's it for the Pokeblog, for now. I think typing out all of this helped me realize the good and bad parts of how I wrote the Pokemon Moon playthrough blog. Hopefully, I actually take away something  good from this and it'll help me write a better playthrough blog in the future. Maybe I'll  revisit Pokemon Moon when I stop being fickle about playing monster taming RPGs. For now, "Mr. Moon's Wild Ride" is stopping on Ula'Ula Island/The Third Island of the Alola Region.

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