Enrique's Game Queue -Take Your Time Edition

I was successful putting time towards Persona 5. At the time of writing, I've logged about 21 hours of living an ordinary Japanese highschool life. I'm enjoying everything about Persona 5. It's very stylish,as is the most recent Persona games. I want to jump in and play to my heart's content but I can easily spend half the day playing and not mind it. So for now, I'm limiting my play time to two or three days a week at most. I think budgeting my play time for heavy story games is my best course of action. In my free time, I've played Shovel Knight and Guild Wars 2. I focused on Shovel Knight with the intent to beat the game and have been playing Guild Wars 2 to satisfy my MMO craving.

Shovel Knight
In a serious attempt to get through my backlog, I put all other games aside to focus on beating Shovel Knight. I didn't get all the collectibles or finish all the challenges but it was a wild ride. The final boss sequence was a great way to close out the game. Overall, I've enjoyed my playthrough of Shovel Knight. The platforming was fun and the extra stages were pretty tricky to get around. The game's been out for a while now but I don't want to say if  you were on the fence and found yourself reading this. It's a well done platformer and I highly suggest you give it a try when you have time. Shovel Knight has two DLCs released but only the Nintendo Switch has access to the second DLC at the time of this post. I'll have to revisit the DLCs after I chip away at my queue.

Guild Wars 2
My "evergreen" game,a term my coworker has been whipping out whenever I play games not on my queue. I think the term evergreen game fits what I like to play. The kind of games that don't have an end point to reach that you can play whenever and still enjoy yourself. With that said, I learned with my brief stint in WoW that I need to set goals for myself before I get bored with a giant world. A goal I've been slowly working towards is completing my character's "story". The short version is your story is a chain of story-based quests that can splinter depending on your dialogue. The angle they had in mind was to have you make meaningful choices and forge a unique leveling experience. From what I gathered playing two characters, you have points where your stories have to converge to get through the plot and anything in between is based on the choices you've made. It was a fun experience but I don't plan on doing it again with my other characters.

Persona 5
SO.MUCH.STYLE. Now, due to unfortunate circumstances, I haven't had a chance to finish a Persona game. I got into the series in my youth with Persona 3 and I'm familiar with the flagship series, Shin Megami Tensei. If you haven't played the recent Persona games, the best way I can describe it is 50% Dating Sim (build relationships with people and <3 <3 <3) and 50% JRPG.  What got me into the Persona series was the soundtrack. There's some J-Pop with hip-hop mixed into it. It's pretty much my jam. With Persona 5, I'm determined to set aside time to play through it and eventually beat it.

Without saying too much about Persona 5, that's what I've been working on. Not sure what I'll play next after beating Shovel Knight. I could go back and finish Shantae:Half Genie Hero but there's also a new Kirby game on the 3DS eShop that I'm curious about. I want to continue scheduling time for Persona 5 but I'm getting hooked with each session. I just want to sit down and sink hours into it each night but I need to work on my backlog. Ah well, maybe the next blog post will be a spoiler heavy blog& play of Persona 5!
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