All about that Toys-To-Life!

I caught up on April '17 Nintendo Direct  .I'm excited  for whatever they have planned to celebrate Kirby's 25th anniversary being the Kirby fan that I am. However, I had an intense feeling of dread mixed with excitement when I heard Nintendo was finishing the Smash series of amiibos of Corrin, Bayonetta and Cloud. To make matters worse, they'll come in two variants that are exclusive to certain stores. And there will be Splatoon 2 amiibos of the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and Squid. OH NO. I'm being dragged back into the dark world of amiibo hunting. I hate how much I love amiibos and (to me) their predecessors, Skylanders.

It began with Skylanders... 
The whole "Toys to Life" thing is such a fascinating concept to me. You have these collectable toys/figures that have a chip inside them that allows it to be used inside a particular game. I can't say if Skylanders was the first to do this idea but it's the first thing that comes to mind. It was mine and my brother's first interaction with "Toys to Life". Our little minds were blown away that these figures would store our characters' levels, equipment and upgrades. It was fun bringing over a handful of our "best" Skylanders over to a friend's house and having them all powered up in a friend's world.  I won't say hunting down the figures were fun but they did make some interesting journeys. I have too many stories of how my brother and I would drive all around the state to hunt down these wretched things. As an action-adventure game, the Skylanders series became better the more games they made. I just wish I didn't go too deep buying wave after wave of Skylanders. Didn't learn my lesson because now I'm collecting amiibos!

...And it lives on in Amiibos!

Amiibos were more appealing to me because they could be used in multiple games instead of being locked in one series, at the time. Plus, I didn't have to buy multiple peripherals because my device had a built in NFC reader. I think the biggest factor of  being getting into amiibos was how they worked in Smash Bros 4(Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS) and how it reminded me of Skylanders. In Smash 4, you can train your amiibo, feed it equipment to increase its stats and customize its moveset using the custom moves and items you've found while playing. The amiibos start out at level 1 and cap out at level 50. At level 50, their stats are naturally 1.5x better compared to that same character. The coolest thing is that they'll learn habits based on how you fight it. If you favor air attacks, the amiibo will be more likely to jump around and use air moves when it fights and so on. Even though their level caps out at level 50, they continue to learn how to fight. And that's just with one game. I haven't played many games that have amiibo support but it boils down to either unlocking bonus items/ doing a cool "thing" or training the AI. Oh, it should be said, the amiibo can only hold data for one game. I can't remember which game it was but people were accidentally overwriting their Smash 4 training data from their amiibos while playing a certain game(I think it was Mario Party 10?)

I fell out of love with Smash 4 but I still enjoy collecting amiibos for the bonus unlocks. Thanks to the new wave of amiibos, I'm motivated to hunt down those last three to round out my Smash 4 collection (missing a few store exclusives/ characters I don't play.) I'm not too picky on which version of Bayonetta I get but I'm hoping I can score Cloud's P2/Advent Children costume and Corrin's P2/Femae Corrin costume. With my dying breath, I'm going to curse the existence of Toys to Life and amiibos in particular. Until then, looks like the hunt is on for all these new amiibos.
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