Gaming Before Bed - How do you unwind?

Recently, I've picked up one of my old habits in an effort to better sleep at night. I dropped this alongside reading and watching shows before bed because I would be too invested in whatever I was doing go to bed a reasonable time. Lately, I've found myself more physically tired while my brain's just buzzing to do stuff and thought why not give this another shot. I've decided to brush off my 3DS and give it a go. Naturally, Pokemon would be my go-to game before bed but I'm still burnt out on it. Also, I've been craving a good adventure or platformer game so I decided to give Shantae and the Pirate's Curse a try as well as one of the Kirby games on the 3DS. To add some variety to the mix, I also included Fire Emblem Heroes for its lighter take on the tactical RPG genre. Also because it's on my phone which I fiddle with anyway before bed.

                          Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

This has been on my "To-Play" list for quite some time. I've been told the music is fantastic and  a great metroidvania, as in you explore, you gain power-ups and you backtrack through old areas using your new powers. This was a tough game for me to play before bed because I loved everything about it too much. The music was catchy, the art for the character portraits was pretty and I had to look up the solutions to a few puzzles because I half asleep and missed the hints. Despite that, I kept playing after being motivated to collect all the collectibles. To unlock the game's true ending, I have to collect all 20 of a certain collectible. I'm at 19/20 and refuse to look at a guide!!!

                                    Kirby: Triple Deluxe

I'm a huge fan of the Kirby series.  After playing one of the games in the series, you have a general idea of what to expect from them:  A platformer with colorful environments, pleasant music and a boss fight against a sentient tree. The games usually are not too difficult aside from the final bosses. The challenge comes from trying to find all the collectibles or doing the extra content like the boss rush mode. I have not played too much of Kirby while I finish Shantae but I always welcome a comfy Kirby.

Fire Emblem Heroes

It's a mobile take on what's becoming my favorite series,Fire Emblem.  Compared to the main series, many of the features of the main series has been streamlined to fit the casual/mobile audience. At its core it is a turn based game with a rock-paper-scissors weapon system, referred to as the weapon triangle. Unlike the main series, your units do no permanently die, you cannot change your assigned class and your stat growths are predetermined at the moment you obtain a unit. These changes,in my opinion, lower the barrier of entry and encourages the more casual turn-based fan to give it a try. Which is great,in my opinion. It fills my desire to play a turn-based game while not too unforgiving when I accidentally fall asleep mid move make mistakes placing my units.

I went with platformers with some puzzle mixed in and tactical RPGs because it helped me become mentally tired without making me too excited. I spent way too much time getting caught up in Nioh or as of late, Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 because I'd get caught up in the pace of the game. But I'm weird. If you game before bed feel free to chime in on what you play to help unwind.
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  1. DOOM is my go to bedtime game, the calm atmosphere and peaceful meandering about help me to relax into bed.

    1. And you neglect to mention the soundtrack?! The string pieces were quite serene.