Games I Got to Play at PAX East 2017!

Another year another PAX in the books! My first time going to PAX East was last year and I had a blast. From playing all the upcoming games and talking to some of the people behind the studios to attending the panels it was a very fun experience. Sadly this year my friend I went with was only able to purchase Friday passes for us and not the whole weekend. But that was okay! I was just glad we were able to go. When we arrived we went straight to the expo hall, going our separate ways I went over to the Sony booth and tested out a few titles they had. Afterwards heading to the Indie Megabooth which had quite a few longs lines which left me no choice but to try and find another game with a smaller line due to not having a whole lot of time because there were panels I wanted to attend. I got to play quite a few titles so I'll give you some short impressions!

Gran Turismo Sport
This game looks BEAUTIFUL. This is Sony's chance to stick it to the Forza series, which has had three new entries since Gran Turismo 6. With this title though I'm not sure if they're going to put up a huge fight with them. While the visuals and controls are fantastic; I couldn't help but feel it was missing something. Hopefully my doubts are proven wrong when it's eventually released because I really want this series to make a comeback.

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
Growing up with Crash Bandicoot, I was extremely excited to see the whole trilogy was getting the remake treatment. So far? It looks incredible! The controls are tight and it plays just like the original. There were three levels to choose from, N. Sanity Beach, Hang Eight, and Heavy Machinery. The levels are organized from difficulty and though I only played Hang Eight it was a blast to see the game getting this kind of treatment. I'm really looking forward to June 30th. Maybe if it sells well we could get a Crash Team Racing remake too?

Basically Windjammers is a fast paced sports game that was originally released on the Neo Geo and Arcades back in 1994. The game was recently picked up by the development team DotEmu and is going to become a title on both the PS4 and the Vita. Even though I got my ass kicked I had a ton of fun playing it. It's basically like pong or air hockey. The objective is to hit the goal behind your opponent and win two sets timed at 30 seconds each or if one player reaches the score of 12. It's a lot of fun and much like the next title on the list, will be great for parties.

Disc Jam
If Windjammers and Rocket League had a kid it would be Disc Jam. This game is nonstop dumb fun. Instead of the 1v1 aspect of Windjammers, Disc Jam throws another player in the mix to make it an intense 2v2 game. Though here they only had it set up for 1v1. As opposed to Windjammers, I'm pretty damn good at Disc Jam. I faced quite a few people and beat all of them feelsgoodman.jpg.
Essentially I'm riding on a Disc Jam high along with my other friends that have a PS4. If you don't have this downloaded you need to do it! It's free on PS Plus. This is the next big thing, Disc Jam Tournaments at LAN Mob!!!

Gang Beasts
A friend of mine has had this game on PC for quite awhile now. Once upon a time when we weren't working all the time we'd all gather at his house and play video games all night. Gang Beasts was often one that was played the most. regardless of all the bugs and issues we had along the way. To see it still getting so much attention at PAX is awesome. It was pure joy to play with 3 random people and talk trash and have an all around good time. The downside? It still has issues. Don't get me wrong, the game is so much fun and is a perfect party game. The fact that it has been close to a year since I've played it and the same issues are present kind of bugs me (huehue). Regardless, I'm going to buy it when it releases on PS4......If it ever does.

Nidhogg 2
I love Nidhogg. Its such a simple "fighting" game where you essentially kill your opponent in one hit in an effort to get to the end of the level and sacrifice yourself. In this first one; you have a sword and that's it. You have to ability to throw it and throw down with your opponent but it's not the best idea. in Nidhogg 2 each time you spawn you go through a cycle of different weapons. You start off with a sword, and following each death it goes from a regular sword, broadsword, dagger, and crossbow. I didn't pay attention enough to see if you die enough it gives you the better weapon to help turn the tide over in your favor but I like to think that's how it goes. At first I preferred the first one. I didn't like the new character designs, I thought the levels were crappy too. The more games I played though the more I enjoyed it.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
I have no idea what this game is. The game was paused when I decided to grab the controller and have a go at it. From what I know is that it is a new indie RPG coming out on PS4 and it looks visually stunning. I didn't spend much time actually playing it to be honest. I just ran around and enjoyed the world that was created. I heavily enjoy games that have a cartoon-style look to them. From the task that was left for me from the last person that played it seemed like your typical "gather these things for me so I can get you this item" kind of quest. I will be giving this a chance again when it's released.

This side scrolling action game is made by the development team behind Jotun (which I didn't play). It reminds me of Ori and the Blind Forest but more violent. Complete with a "skill tree" reminiscent of Rouge Legacy, as well, the game looks to pull everything it attempts quite well. The only downside I found was the enemies weren't difficult which I hope is just because it's the demo. There seemed to be no real direction either as you just go around until you find a place of importance. From the 10 minutes I played it though I seemed to enjoy this demo heavily and it's always nice to see another Metroidvainia title be released.

Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove
Having owned the first two entries in the series I was more a fan of the first Toejam and Earl game. It was awesome to see the new title plays just like the original, isometric view and all! This time around there are nine different characters to choose from which have their own different stats. The game controls nice and the music is as funky as ever. The art direction they went with fits the game very well in my opinion. I heard a few people playing it voice their displeasure of it but I personally don't find anything wrong with it. I'm excited for another great couch co-op game to release. It looks like Adult Swim Games may have another hit on their hands.

There were a few other titles that I played but they didn't necessarily tickle my fancy. Maybe I just didn't get the game at the time or just wasn't in the mood for it. I'm going to continue to keep an eye on all of them and perhaps even purchase them though I shouldn't keep buying games due to the giant backlog I currently have. Whatever.

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