Breath of the Twlight Pokemon of Mordor - My Active Rotation of Games

I've gotten to the point where I have multiple games on queue and not enough time to play them all. On one hand, it's nice to buy the obscure/niche games at retail/or less instead of second hand or at a higher price due to its rarity. On the other hand, I feel it's a bad habit to stockpile games I won't play. With my gaming habits, sometimes I drop a game because it no longer feels fun to play through it, almost like a chore.  At times, I'll have a strong desire to either play or stop playing a certain genre. Or in rare cases, I have a new game on the horizon that I know will sap any game time I want to set aside *coughPersona5cough*.

Pokemon Moon

My "muse" for this blog post, you could say. I've been playing this on and off since it came out in the fall of 2016. I've played many entries of the series and the thing I hate most is the grind up to the Post-Game/ Post- Elite Four. I really enjoy the team building aspect of the Post-Game. I'm into breeding Pokemon for inheritable or "egg moves" and optimal base stats(IVs). I enjoyed and looked forward to different methods of affecting my stat growths(IVs) and was real excited to see what this generation had in that regard. It's why Pokemon Emerald is one of my favorite Pokemon games in the series because of the Battle Frontier. I get to do all this team building and then test it against (cheating) AI! With all that said, I really hate grinding through the game to get to that point. I think the spark is lost for me. Or I'm not in the mood for turn based RPGs at the moment. Not sure really. Until I figure it out, I'm shelving Pokemon Moon from my rotation.

Shadows of Mordor

I picked the "GOTY" edition on the last big steam sale. I had my eye on it since it first came out but the version available to me at the time was a buggy mess. That and the studio has a habit of cranking out DLCs and then shipping out a GOTY edition later on. I think this was more up my alley compared to Pokemon. I was expecting it to be a hack and slack action RPG with cool magic but the combat reminds me of the Batman. Which is different but I've still manged to enjoy myself. When the game was released, I was very interested in the "Nemesis System" that was advertised with the game. The short version is, you are fighting an army of Urks and each officer is given a power rating which as a strength gauge. Each officer has a random set of weaknesses and abilities and will gain more abilities the stronger/more power they gain. You can take part of the power struggle by aiding or hindering the Urks such as sabotaging a hunting party or foiling an assassination attempt between Urks. The Urks will gain power by surviving these events and can grow stronger by killing you. That last bit is quite interesting, as a random Urk can land the killing blow on the player and find himself promoted to an officer. What I find most interesting is that the strengths and weaknesses give the Urks a bit of a personality and that by you intervening you can shape their personality. For example, one of the power struggle events is an officer would hold a hunting party. You can sabotage the hunting party to prevent them from growing in power. I've read that depending on how the sabotage goes, the officer can develop a fear/weakness to that certain animal. That fear acts a debuff when exploited and can makes go much easier. Last I checked I was about 30% completed with it and I look forward to all the different ways I can interact with this world.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

I've added this to my rotation because of amiibo functionality. I've read that in Breath of the Wild, I can use my Wolf Link amiibo to summon Wolf Link as a companion. The Wolf Link amiibo unlocks a special dungeon in the HD edition that apparently powers up your wolf companion in BotW once completed. I've preferred playing the 2D versions of Legend of Zelda so this will be quite a treat for me. I remember when this game out on Gamecube and Wii but I avoided playing it because using motion controls was not appealing to me and the GC version was scarce. I'm about an hour into the game and it's alright. I've turned into a wolf and some sassy cat thing is riding on my back :(
I have not looked up anything about this game but I look forward to bashing my head against the wall trying to solve puzzles.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is unofficially in my rotation. I've seen people play it while I was working and it looks fun. Not what I would expect from a 3D LoZ title. That and first party Nintendo games rarely drop in price. Mine as well take advantage of my prime membership and getting games slightly cheap during their initial release. Otherwise I wouldn't be okay with blatantly adding to my queue of games. I want to experience a classic 3D Legend of Zelda, so until I get tired or beat Twilight Princess , the queue is where this will stay.

Unless I'm mistaken, I have about a month to play through the two action games(and maybe BotW) until Persona 5 comes out. I'm hoping that by switching genres I won't run out of motivation to play like I did for Pokemon but I have higher hopes for Persona.
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