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As a small business owner in a small town that focuses on a younger demographic, I've taken responsibility for educating myself on social media trends as a core of our marketing strategy. The field of social media is a moving target, with established platforms like Facebook and Twitter adding new features monthly, and new apps and technologies appearing every year.

An alphabet of new media

In our early days we relied heavily on Connorkaze, who did a tremendous amount of web/graphic development and helped establish the accounts on many of the social media channels we use today. These accounts didn't all take off immediately, and at some point I realized I needed to completely immerse myself in the technology in order to understand it and apply it to the business, so I've taken to a constant daily practice and a heavy diet of social media podcasts to help bring me along. This has been a year-long dive into a new age of media that still doesn't feel native to me, but which I'm growing more comfortable with every day.

One big change we decided was to empower the entire team here to utilize all our social media by making it a part of our daily expectations. We all share the common hobby of video games and our daily jobs at the shop, so our social media presence is really a combination of all four of our minds. This extends across everything we do, from blogging to tweeting to Facebook updates.

However a quick glance around at Rome, NY and I'm amazed at how many small businesses are ignoring these emerging marketing channels. This is a place to share your business story to a local audience directly with potential customers, and connect with a global community of like-minded individuals. Below are just a few examples of how we use these technologies at our shop.


A great way to connect directly with anyone and jump in to participate in conversations. There are many people who prefer it as their primary communication device instead of traditional emails or direct messaging. Twitter does offer some targeted advertising, although I've found it doesn't target well locally, I'm hoping with updates this will improve.

The Twitter feed can be followed in real time or searched on hashtag, and lists can be used to break up your follows into different segments. At LAN Mob we have lists to track local CNY media, global video game press, and even a list of customers who have visited our shop.  You can find us @lanmobrome or visit

A great way to keep up on the issues important to our regulars


We were a bit late to the party on this app but have found it a great way to visually convey events happening in and around the store. Similar to Twitter, hashtags can be used to target users searching for your content. We've been experimenting with tags like #RomeNY, #CNY, and #UpstateNY with varying success. You can follow us @lanmobrome or visit

Happenings in & around the shop.


This was our first social media platform and one we continue to use on a daily basis.  Facebook has been terrific for conveying basic information about our store like hours, posting weekly events, gathering reviews, or finding new customers through our community pages. We have a growing presence including:

LAN Mob Page - 1394 follows

Putting a face to your business. allows for live streaming of gaming content. We stream once a week on Saturdays our Super Smash Brothers 4 for Wii-U tournaments, with live shoutcasting and a regular cast of characters. You may catch us at other odd times streaming live a number of games from League of Legends to Overwatch to Hearthstone. You can follow us at

Tune in Saturdays at 2 pm

Other Social Media Channels

We're exploring in other avenues as well for expanding our reach both locally and worldwide.

Snapchat - I absolutely need to be spending more time here and am still a complete newbie to the technology, but you can follow us at @lanmobsc

Website - This will play an important role in our long-term plans, you can find us at

YouTube - You can find a great deal of SSB4 stream content highlights at our YouTube thanks to Spydude's hard work cutting highlights every week. Follow our YouTube here.

Blog - We've published three times a week for over a year now!

Reddit - We often post blog content here in order to share targeted topics with a larger community.

Google - Google allows you to manage your business hours, photos, and more through Google Business Manager. We've also spent some time cleaning up some of the outdated nearby business entries on Google Maps to more accurately reflect the state of the neighborhood.

Talk to Us

If you're reading this we hope you reach out and follow us on any of the channels above; we want to engage with you! If you're a local business and all of this seems like rocket science I can assure you it's not! Most of the apps are designed with User Experience in mind and are relatively easy to learn with a decent smart phone or tablet. You can find me at the shop most days and I'd be happy to talk social media or give you a quick tutorial on any of the above.
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