Rob's Favorite Multiplayer Games!

Mario Party
Ah, the one game that helped destroy a few friendships of mine. It's not a joke either, a few friends and I stopped talking to each other because of how intense we got with this game. Went from having a fun time to getting aggravated and throwing controllers. Aside from that though all of the mini games are a blast to play and having all different styles and scenarios for each one always left it interesting. With boards also having certain spaces that if you land on them could really ruin the flow for you and give everyone else the upper hand. It really adds to the unpredictability that ANYTHING can happen. You could be on top for the majority of the game and everything can come tumbling down and you're seated at 4th place. The game regardless is amazing fun and I'd recommend it 100% 10/10. Except when you're 2 blocks away from getting what would have been the game winning star and you hit a 1. ONE. ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM WINNING.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
While nowadays I despise Call of Duty with a passion; Modern Warfare 2 took a majority of time from my life when I was 14-15. I'd get home from school and dis-acknowledge all the homework I had and play with my friends tearing it up online until I was yelled at to go to bed. I even became friends with people I went to school with and outside of school because of this game. I also stay in contact with most of them to this day. I was a huge fan of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but Modern Warfare 2 was way better in my opinion. The maps, more killstreaks, weapons, perks, everything was great; pretty unbalanced but great.

Having purchased this around early December I have a hard time putting this game down. I love everything about it. It's currently my new addiction and it's getting very much in the way of me completing the giant backlog of games I have. There's not a single character I hate either which is a surprise. Overall though I've had a great experience with this title and I'm looking forward for what's to come. Them sweet, sweet loot boxes and events.

Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. is my favorite fighting series. Melee is one of my favorite entries next to the newest addition on Wii-U. I spent so much time playing this with friends spending days and nights just fighting each other over and over. Always trying to figure out how to unlock new fighters and find other secrets if possible. The whole series in general is just a blast and is a must have for gatherings. Plus it also brought me to LAN Mob. So that's rad.

Rocket League
One of the greatest things Sony has done this generation was make this game free for Playstation Plus users. A little bit of an over-exaggeration but I love this game. I spent many nights just zoned out playing ranked with my friends and slowly climbing up the ranks with them. Though I haven't been playing it much because of all the new titles releasing this year, it's still one of my favorite games on the Playstation 4. 

NFL Street
A few years ago, my friend ended up getting a Gamecube with NFL Street at a garage sale. He thought it would be fun to get everyone together and have a little tournament. It soon ended up becoming a contest to see who could beat me first. Now I don't want to brag; but I used to destroy on NFL Street. Whether it be a Pick-Up game or just choosing a team I always won. Eventually rage got the best of everyone and they decided to stop playing. Though every time we all hung out it eventually ended with some aggravating NFL Street for everyone else. While I'm great at NFL Street; I'm absolute garbage at Madden. Madden sucks.      

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Another game I spent countless nights with friends and family playing. An "expansion" to Gauntlet: Legends, Dark Legacy is my favorite entry in the Gauntlet series. My preferred character is the Jester, whereas my dad would always choose the dwarf or knight. My brothers always chose different characters. We were able to beat the game rather quickly together but it was still a ton of fun to play. When I had sleepovers when I was younger my friends and I would pull all-nighters playing through this game. It'd be sweet to be able to get some people together at a lock-in and play through it once again.

Diddy Kong Racing
I prefer Diddy Kong Racing to Mario Kart 64 (as I'm sure a good majority of you know by now) for many reasons. For one, the controls feel a lot smoother on Diddy Kong Racing. Not only that, the games looks better, has better tracks, and more importantly; better music! I still play the game a ton even though Butters crushed my thoughts of me being decent at it (I hate you). I still love playing this with anyone I can. It will always be my favorite racing game no matter what. 

I'm still upset that this was shut down. Without a doubt the best F2P games I've ever played. There are two different teams, Humans and Vampires. You get to choose different classes within those two teams and your goal is to get a higher amount of kills than your opponents. The vampires are all melee based and the humans are range based. Each class having their own specific abilities, you have to work together as a team in order to win the game. A few friends and I spent countless hours playing this game and it really is disappointing that this game shut down. I personally feel that if it was still active we could've had quite a few people trying it out at the shop.    

Whether it be friends or family it's never a bad time to bring Bomberman into the mix. Regardless if it's one of the older titles or the newer ones (Bomberman Ultra). It was never rage inducing for anyone and we always had a blast playing it. I'm especially excited now knowing that a new Bomberman title is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch. It's also going to be a launch title!

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