Top Secrets in Gaming

Developers have their games full of secrets for us to discover. Whether it be something that's easily found to something that takes gamers years to find. With hidden character, areas, and interactions can make a game that more memorable to someone that lets them reflect on how they first found it and how excited it made them. Let it be from a secret that was funny or just something that was really cool.

Doom II - John Romero's Head 
The development staff didn't have much love for John Romero at the time of Doom II's development. John's ego was getting the best of him and the rest of the team viewed him simply as a d***. How did they handle it? The best way they could. When you get to the final boss in the game; the Demon says "To win the game, you must kill, me, John Romero!." Though it is heavily distorted and backwards to give that demonic feel to it. In order to find the shrine for John, you have to enable "No Clippings" mode and go through the wall behind the demon head where you will be greeted by the real final boss' head on a stake.

Diablo II - The Cow Level
Now the list wouldn't be complete without this! The creation of this level is all thanks to rumors spread about the first Diablo. It was said that if you interacted with a certain cow enough times a secret portal would open. Blizzard decided to make the rumor a reality with the famous Cow Level on Diablo II. All you need is to combine Wirt's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube and a red portal will appear in the Rogue Encampment. Though you can only do this when you have beaten the game in the difficulty you're currently on. When you go through the portal, you are greeted by axe-wielding bovines. While you're killing all of them they all let out numerous "moos".

Diablo III - Whimsyshire
Blizzard responded to the criticism regarding Diablo III's graphics being "too bright and cartoon-like" by creating a whole new level involving unicorns, teddy bears, flowers and treasure clouds. Though the only way there is to assist the Cow King. There's a decent sized list of items to gather along with building the Staff of Herding in order to enter the magical realm. Once you enter, you get to slaughter everything in your path.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Statue of Happiness
Rockstar is well-known for their hidden secrets/Easter eggs. From the Grand Theft Auto series to Max Payne and Manhunt they have plenty of secrets waiting to be found. This one is one of my favorites. After you've gotten to the Statue of Happiness, you see a sign that says "No Hidden Content This Way". Obviously you ignore it and advanced into the Statue. Go up the ladder and you see a giant, beating heart!

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Guy Savage
After you're tortured by Volgin and placed in the jail cell in Groznyj Grad save the game. When you save Para-Medic will talk to you about Dracula as Snake starts to fall asleep. Restart the game and load the file and instead of continuing the game you'll be playing something totally different. You're in a nightmare and you have have two hook swords to hack and slash monsters until you wake up. Afterwards you chastise Para-Medic for giving you a nightmare due to your fear of vampires.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - The End
While one of my favorites boss fights there is TWO quick ways to avoid the fight. The first way is when you first see him in the wheelchair you have a small window of opportunity to actually snipe him and therefore not have to worry about the boss fight at all. The second way is when you initiate the fight is you can actually save and then turn the system off and change the date a week ahead and load the game back up and The End has died of old age! Cool, right?

Wave Race Blue Storm - Sarcastic Announcer
Wave Race is a very relaxing game. Ride the waves, do some cool tricks and have fun! Until you enter a certain code on the audio settings screen. The code changes the announcer's tone to being really cool and approving of your skills to criticizing everything you do.

Mortal Kombat - Reptile
I remember being around my brother's friends and hearing them talk about video game "secrets" all the time. They heard about this secret and there were plenty of attempts to pull this off and when they did it was insane.  About 3:35 into the video you'll see a rocket fly past the Moon in the background, after that you have to pull a double flawless victory and also pull off a fatality and you are then challenged by Reptile!

Toejam and Earl - Level 0/Present Island
I used to play Toejam and Earl a ton when I was younger, and I still play it every now and then. If you get lucky and get certain items you can use them to go over to the top right of level 1 and you'll be at an island loaded with presents. Afterwards use those presents to progress towards the bottom left of the level and drop down the hole. It brings you to level 0; where you can hang out with hula girls in a hot tub that heal you and drink lemonade that grants you extra lives.   

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