New Announcements for 2017

Happy 2017!  We're pleased to be kicking off another year since our opening in the Fall of 2015, and excited to continue to highlight the best in games, gaming technology, and eSports events for Rome, NY and surrounding areas.  We have a lot of announcements to make concerning upcoming tournaments, technologies and more so let's get right to it.

The Big Announcement - SSB4 LML Returns

A few of the regulars.

The game that has a special place in our hearts is returning after a few months break from official LML business. Draxsel captured last year's sponsorship and recently attended UGC Smash Open in St. Louis, Missouri, and has eyes on a handful of tournaments this upcoming year (with a possibility of a west coast tournament such as EVO 2017). There has been interest in another season of LML and we're happy to kick off another sponsorship contest - LML Season 5 running Saturday February 4th through Saturday December 30th with a growing pool of cash & prizes, and a grand prize sponsorship package that will "stretch" with the number of entrants we yield throughout the year.

A few notes on the season:

  • Weekly events only, but expect special higher buy-in events throughout the year.
  • Points are earned through weekly participation and win rate. The point structure is somewhat flat - 10 points are awarded for participating, with an additional 10 points for every increase in placing. Example: In an 8-person tournament, 1st place will earn 80 points, 2nd place 70 points, and so on down to 8th place earning 10 points.
  • A $20 yearly tournament will be held on Saturday, January 6th 2018 and feature a large point bonus (to be decided later this season).
  • Top points earners will be eligible for sponsorship and other prizes which can increase and change as the year progresses. The more people we get involved, the larger the prizes will be at the end of the year, so spread the word! Expect a full list of possible prizes in early February.
  • Draxsel is ineligible for this contest, but will be able to compete in weekly events and earn points.

Tournament Announcements

Many of you will be attending our January Call of Duty MW: Remastered and Infinite Warfare tournaments this weekend, but we have a few more tournament announcements to make!

February Overwatch 3v3 Tournament Sunday February 12th at HIGH NOON - $10 buy-in

Matches will be played on the PCs. If you bring enough for a team of 6 we'll be happy to run a second $5 tournament immediately following the conclusion of the 3v3.

March League of Legends 1v1 Tournament Sunday March 12th 12:00 PM - $10 buy-in

Same as Overwatch - bring enough for a team of 5 and we'll get a follow-up $5 tournament running!

We plan to run more tournaments on a monthly basis throughout the year - follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the details.

VR expanding

We've expanded our HTC Vive PC offerings to 25 games, and now are one of a handful of LANs nationwide to feature the VIRZoom bike, which allows control of VR games through a stationary bicycle and is introducing a new fork from traditional eSports called "VSports". There will be tournament announcements upcoming with a handful of sponsors on-board. If you're a VR enthusiast or gamer-athlete stop by the shop and check out the bike. We have models for sale as well at $399 MSRP!

New PC Software

We're happy to be in an early access group for new LAN center software! If you've been by the shop recently you've experienced the new software, and we expect soon to be able to offer leader boards where you can sync up your League of Legends accounts, earning coins per hour played at LAN Mob and bonus coins for good play which can be redeemed for snacks, drinks or gaming time. We also expect this spring be able to participate in nationwide and global eSports events under the LAN Mob banner.

Remodeling LAN Mob

Sometime in the next few months we'll be undergoing some remodeling to open up and expand the shop, joining the two storefronts together. Our present plans are to create a retro gaming area where you can enjoy the classics (and stream them live!) in a relaxed setting. Remodeling will also allow us to reduce the cost on the HTC Vive as we'll be able to run appointments without additional staffing.

In closing I wanted to thank everyone who has continued to support us through visits, gift card purchases, follows, likes, comments, shares, or word of mouth about us. I grew up local and lived through the lack of entertainment and night life in our area, and that understanding drives my thinking every day on how to make LAN Mob the type of place I would have enjoyed frequenting the last 30 years of my life. We can do a lot to improve and be better as a business, and will constantly be pushing to provide the best we can offer.
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