Mr. Moon's Wild Ride week 5: Route 8 & Mallow's Trial(pt.1)

This is my party going into the Lush Jungle! Pay no mind to the Grimer, she's overly excited. With the exception of Val the Umbreon, my party is set to be strong against grass-types. Poison, Fire,  Flying and Bug type moves are super effective against grass-type Pokemon. The party is a little on the low side but I had hopes so level them up in the trial area.

Picking up where I left off, I was staring at the tunnel connecting Route 7 and Route 8. About a 1/4 of the way of traveling through Route 8 I met a new, fancy looking character. I think I was sleepy when I met this person because I have no recollection of what he's about. I do remember that he gave me a TM and mentioned there's some island minigame I have to check out. I found the island minigame, Poke Pelago, available in the menu. I've always wondered what that empty space was for in the second page of your menu. I was too excited to beat the 3rd trial of Akala Island so I'll get back to it later. Aside from meeting Colress, Route 8 had a guy trying to start his own Pokemon style Jurassic Park and a motel where Gladion was staying. I swore I passed a Pokemon museum while I was traveling but I hope this Jurassic Park guy is where I go to revive fossils. Gladion didn't challenge me to a battle when I found him but I demanded I leave. Makes sense, I did just barge into his motel room. There was also a coast I could surf and fish around at the end of Route 8. There was a Pokemon who drops an item if you were able to catch or defeat it . The first time I tried, it ran away into a hole. The second time I was able to corner it between two rocks. Unfortunately for me, it had an ability that forced it to run away when I brought it down to yellow health. I'll have to stock up on Quick Balls and hope I get lucky the next time around.

At the end of Route 8 lies the entrance to Lush Jungle! There was a pathway beyond Lush Jungle that leads behind the PokeCenter on Route 5. I explored there a  bit before making my way back to the trial grounds. Mallow's trial wasn't difficult. I had to find ingredients for Mallow. The ingredients were hidden and I was encouraged to use the Ride Pokemon Stoutland to search them out. At almost every ingredient there was a Pokemon encounter, apparently you caught its eye while foraging. After retrieving the ingredients, Mallow called on Lana and Kiawe to help you make the dish. You find out the purpose of the dish is to lure out the Totem Pokemon. Oh dear...

Being the chicken that I am, I was a little spooked by its entrance. The cut-scene starts off with the other captains looking behind you with a shocked expression on their face as it creeps closer to you. Have I mentioned I don't like bugs? Especially giant bugs that are larger than my character. Lurantis's Totem Power was speed and boy, it was a tough battle. I may have taken this battle too lightly. It wiped my entire party, forcing me to retreat. Being a giant horrifying bug, it knew bug type moves, which made life hard on my Umbreon and Grimer. Lurantis also has a move that lets it heal itself which I was not prepared for. I mentioned a few weeks back my biggest weakness is that my Pokemon can't survive slugfests and that's what this totem battle turned into with that healing move. I couldn't catch a break because while the Totem Pokemon was healing, it's ally was also beating on my Pokemon. The biggest surprise of this was it knew a move that took two turns to use, which are usually quite powerful.  I believe it was called Solar Blade? Appealing to the child in my heart, I thought it was awesome! That is until I learned it had a held item that caused it to use two turn moves in the same turn, one shotting my poor Pokemon.

Defeat is awful! Going to explore the area behind Route 5 and train my Pokemon some more until I take on this Totem Pokemon. I'll have to swap out Umbreon for another bird Pokemon and possibly the same for  Grimer. The bright side of this is I've been really taking my time looking for new Pokemon as I traveled. They may not be as diverse as I'd like but I have some reserves to rely on. Gonna get swole, be back next time!
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