Sage's Holiday Gift Ideas!

Ahhh, the holidays. This time of year can mean so many things for so many different kinds of people, in fact, I know a good amount of people who don't actually celebrate Christmas like I do but love everything about it anyway. Whether it's due to the alluring lights, nostalgic recipes or spending some time with people you don't normally get to see, this time of year is one of my favorites. However, despite all of the joy and copious Santa figures/dolls/statues that my mom scatters around our house, the Holidays can be a little stressful when it comes to one major point - gifts. Despite our materialistic society gifts are a good thing - expressing "care" through a thoughtful gift feels pretty good! The stress can lie in not knowing what to get somebody sometimes, whether it be a random secret Santa, your cousin who lives 6 states away or a friend you do not share the same interests in, finding the perfect gift can be a pain sometimes. FRET NOT FRIENDS. I'm here to help you get an adequate gift for the adequate "nerdy" people in your life! Let's get started.

POP Funko Figures  

I'm pretty sure POP Funko Figures are supernatural totems from another dimension. I have no idea why I have the urge to collect these damn things, and I'm not the only one. Pretty much everybody I've ever met has a few (or 350) of these things as they make figures for almost every fandom in existence. These things make pretty great presents if you can track down the specific  figure for your buddy, because I guarantee they make one for their favorite game/movie. They're also pretty cheap, only costing about $10 for the standard variant.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great stocking stuffers and the ultimate example of "I don't know, get something yourself.", and sometimes that's for the very best. Nowadays almost every shop, restaurant and online store sells some sort of gift card. In fact, even your friendly neighborhood Rome, NY LAN Center sells gift cards of ANY amount you want! 


Technically this falls in the previous category but much more specific. Do you know somebody he plays League of Legends even just a little bit? An RP card is the perfect gift! RP can be used for such a wide variety of things in Riot's MOBA and whether your buddy wants a skin, champion or to gamble on some loot boxes, RP is always valuable. 


Probably my favorite shirt of all time.

"Shirts" covers a really wide spectrum, but more specifically website like and have some really awesome specific fandom shirts, and they are pretty inexpensive too.


If any website deserves a solo spot on a list for quick and easy "geeky" gifts fits the bill. ThinkGeek has something for everybody, and each gift is so perfectly unique you can almost guarantee your gift recipient doesn't already have 4. Look at that Munchlax lunch bag...I need that.

Your Favorite Underrated Game/Movie

I have bought Enslaved 6 times over, snagging a copy for most of my friends.
"Just play it, man."

This one seems kind of obvious but this might not work for everyone. I know a lot of people who don't exactly have the most open of minds and even if a piece of media means a WHOLE LOT to you, they may find it very difficult to get into it. That's totally fine. However, if you know somebody who would be willing to give your favorites a shot, go for it. Personally I LOVE to receive a video game I've never played from somebody and for them to tell me it's a personal favorite of theirs. 

As basic as this is, I hope somebody got a good idea from this post! I'm pretty close with my friends so I never really struggle with gift ideas, but I have in the past with different people and it's so frustrating! I'm sure we'll be posting some more about the holidays soon, thanks for reading!
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