Mr. Moon's Wild Ride Week 2:Taking on Akala's First Captain


I made it to Akala Island, the second island of the Alola Region! I managed to from fresh off the boat to completing the first captain's challenge. I'm continuing with my blind run through Pokemon Moon. I won't be looking up any information ahead of time, so no knowing where certain item are ahead of time or any major fights to be wary of. With the eastern route blocked by some dog-like Pokemon, I have to head up north by the giant hotel. Before I could make my way to Route 4, I was challenged to a battle by a fabulous looking trainer by the name of Sina. Fighting her made me wish I peeked at my encounters ahead of time.

*Sina! She means business.

Her Glaceon nearly swept my whole team. Goodness, I was not prepared at all. Barely escaped with my life thanks to my starter, Brionne. To be fair, I had Petilil and Oricorio in my party and no one that was strong vs. ice types. I spent a good amount of time training possible substitute Pokemon to better round out my party.  After beating Sina, I was given a Zygarde Cube and tasked with finding cores and cells scattered across the region. You know when a cell is present when the ground sparkles. It sounds ridiculous to say but you'll definitely know it when you see it. I have reason to believe the some of the Zygarde Cells will only show up in the daytime/ nighttime. When backtracking for TMs and training my B-team, I found Zygarde Cells in spots that I am certain I combed through. I'll have to make a mental note to explore islands once in the night time and then again in day time.

Past Route 4 was Paniola Town. Ran into Hau and was challenged to a battle. I think from being traumatized from the last scripted encounter, I went and over prepared for this fight. He surprised me with a Pikachu in his team (which was strong against my Brionne) but that was the only addition he made to his team.Certainly an easier battle compared to Sina. Just outside Paniola Town was Paniola Ranch, I ran Mallow, one of the captains,  and was given a new Ride Pokemon! The new Pokemon, Stoutland, acts like the Item Finder. You can ride it around normally but when you hold "B", the Pokemon walks slowly and starting sniffing the ground for items. A blue exclamation point will appear above your character's head and will turn red when you are right next to the hidden item.

*Hanging out with my new Ride Pokemon while wandering through Paniola Ranch.

After getting my fill of the ranch, I head out to Route 5 as I get ready to take on the trial. Mental note: There's a nursery I passed but I was too caught up exploring to bother check it out. I'll visit it on my way back. Before I could enter the trial grounds, I had to defeat all the trainers along Route 5.Ran into another scripted encounter where I was introduced to another interesting looking trainer by the name of Gladion. When I arrived at the waypoint it looks like he already beat Hau and was just full of sass. Ya know, he looks a bit like Lillie.


Being overeager made this fight a breeze as well. He had a Pokemon that I've never seen before by the name of Type:Null. I ended up having to brute force it because I couldn't figure out its type with the Pokemon I had available. Before I move on to Lana's trial, something bugged me.Not sure what type of reputation I've built after completing only one Grand Trial but either way, he did not look impressed. I don't know why but I feel irked about that.After roaming around, I made my way to Brooklet Hill, home of Lana's Trial.

* I feel mocked.

Brooklet Hill is a mix of tall grass and small bodies of water,  with a healthy mix of bug,water and the occasional grass Pokemon. When I rendezvoused with Lana, I was given another Ride Pokemon, gaining the ability to Surf on a Lapras! Lapras is one of my favorite Pokemon so I was excited to see it once more. Excitement aside, for this trial I had to investigate splashes in the water at Lana's request. Lana kept trying to trick me with fish tales and how the splashes might be Swimmers in duress. Nope, only found Wishiwashi. I was surprised to find the Totem Pokemon to be a larger variant of Wishiwashi. Similar to how you'd see a school of fish, the Totem Wishiwashi was a school of Wishiwashi in the shape of a large fish!

* Totem Wishiwashi in it's "school form"

I was lucky enough to gain a new grass Pokemon, Bounsweet, from an in-game trade. It was a great addition to my team, as it came with an Adamant nature, having the potential to be the physical attacker my team sorely needed. With that said, I didn't have too difficult of a time with this Trial, as I had type advantage with the new addition to my party. I took a gamble on Bounsweet and luckily it paid off. I choose not to swap out any of my party before taking on the trial, though that was because I was more concerned with exploring the new area. 

*Trial Complete!

I was awarded the Water Z-Crystal and a Fishing Rod for completing her trial. . After choosing to be escorted back to the Pokecenter (which was a nice way to save time) , Lana informed me my next trial would be taking place at a volcano. I doubt I'll reach the third form by then but I think my starter's final form will be Water/Fairy. I learned a few fairy moves early on which leads me to believe this is the case. Similar thing happened when I had a Combusken but I believe it was already a Fire/Fighting by that form. In any event, I am certain the Fairy-type is weak to Fire-type moves, so I should definitely carry another water type Pokemon just to be on the safe side. Whelp, off to go fish a bunch. Maybe I'll try my hand at raising a Wishiwashi, seeing as how the Totem Pokemon looked kind of cool. Then again, in one of the Pokecenters I was asked to find a Feebas. If their spawn rate is anything like in previous generations, I might have to dedicate the entirety of next week's blog on my fishing adventures. Maybe I'll be as lucky as Lana and catch a red Gyarados?


*Lana trying to trick me one last time

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