Mr. Moon's Wild Ride Week 1: From Out Of The Box To Off The First Island!

                                    *My Party as I get ready to head to the second island

Got my copy of Pokemon Moon a few weeks but haven't sunk any time into it until recently. I'm doing a blind run through Moon until I beat the Elite 4. Traditionally, I would buy whatever guide book would come with it or heavily research Pokemon and gym leaders and craft a team that would carry me to victory. I hypothesize this lead me to feel burnt out with the series, as I thought Pokemon X/Y would be my last game of the series. To clarify what my blind run will entail, I will not look up what moves my Pokemon learn in advance, what Pokemon the Captains/Kahunas have or where to get certain items. Other than finding out which Pokemon are version exclusive, I won't look up any information on what Pokemon to get either. Also a change of pace for me, I'll be taking my time through the game, exploring every nook and cranny since I won't be using a guide. In previous entries, I would research the upcoming area, trainers and my current party in order to complete a self-imposed challenge of beating a Pokemon game in 24 game hours. The only knowledge I'll have with me beforehand is that there are Z-Crystals that do something to moves, there are 4 islands to explore and there's a new system that takes the place of Gym Leaders.

First Impressions & New Mechanics?

I like the character models of Sun & Moon. I disliked the super-deformed (head bigger than whole body) style my character had in Pokemon X/Y but that was overshadowed by the joy of customizing my avatar. Can't wait to customize my trainer now that I don't look like an alien! I noticed while battling wild Pokemon that they'll randomly call for help and turn a 1-on-1 battle into a 2-on-1! Took me for quite a surprise when I was trying to capture an Alola Meowth and it called for allies. I have not actively tested it out but there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many times a Pokemon can call for help. I wonder if this will take the place of horde battles from Generation 6, where rarely you'd have to battle 5 wild Pokemon at once in a single encounter! Like Horde Battles, you cannot throw out Pokeballs until there is one wild Pokemon remaining.

Battles also received a face lift. You can now keep track of buffs and debuffs have been applied to the active Pokemon. You can also check your Pokemon's ability and what their held item does from this screen. I also noticed after fighting a Pokemon once, my moves showed how effective it was against that type. Really fond of that addition, as it comes in handy once you start fighting a Pokemon with a second type that covers the weakness of its first type. The backgrounds are more fleshed out this time around. Instead of having a backdrop based on your current location, it feels as if you are fighting it out at your current location. For example, I'm currently having a Pokemon Battle in the middle of a city. I happened to snap a picture of the in-game camera changing perspective to give an idea what I mean

*"Fleshed out background"

Haven't played around with Z-Moves too much but as of completing the 1st island, I've gained 2 Z-Crystals. With the two crystals I currently have, Normal and Fighting, a Pokemon must know a move that matches the type before it can hold that crystal. Once per battle, you can active your Z-Crystal to empower a move that matches the type of your equipped crystal. The empowered move/Z-Move works on damaging moves like Tackle or Quick Attack and even status moves such as Tail Whip or Growl.

No More Gyms?

*Hala, Melemele Island/1st Island's Kahuna

Instead of roaming around challenging Pokemon Gyms, you are tasked with completing the Island Challenge, a rite of passage in the Alola Region. It has you traveling to each of the 4 islands that make up the region and challenging each island's Kahuna. First, you must take on the Captain's Trials, overseen by Captains, the right hand men of Kahunas (of sorts). At the end of the first Captain's Trial, I faced a "Totem Pokemon". It was a larger version of a particular Pokemon with the ability to call for help and also had increased stats.

3 More To Go+ The Playthrough of the First Island


I picked the water starter, Popplio, because it looked cute. Shortly before fighting the Kahuna, I went and retrained my party. I realized I wasn't giving any of the new Pokemon a chance with my my party consisting of a Sparrow, Pichu, Makuhita, Delibird, my starter and an egg I got from a trade (which ended up being an Eevee!). I didn't want to blaze through training my party, so I turned off EXP Share and used the old method of switching Pokemon out until they could hold their own in a battle. Battling without using super effective moves were a hassle but it gave me a reason to take my time exploring each route. I'm unsure if I've gotten rusty or not but the AI on the wild Pokemon and trainers is really something in this generation. I've found quick encounter to take 5 or more minutes more than I'd like because the wild Pokemon were relentless in using status effect moves on my Pokemon. I recall leading with a Meowth into a Wild Petilil that called for help and the two Petilil chained Sleep Power until I was able to KO them both. I was not doing myself any favors by not stocking up on status healing items. Speaking of status effects, I'm happy in the Pokemon Refresh, what looks to be the successor of the Pokemon-Amie in Gen 6, I can heal the status effect ailing my Pokemon for free while building fondness.

I was playing fast and loose with the first blog post in what I hope will be a series but I will do my best to take better pictures to chronicle what I do each week. I'm leaving a little foot note here to make sure you check the cave on the first island once you have a Pokemon that can move boulders

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