LAN Mob Welcomes Rob!

Hey everyone! My name is Rob, and I'm the newest team member for LAN Mob Gaming Center. First thing you should know is I'm a workaholic. At one time I had three jobs but now I'm currently working two. When I have free time I'm usually playing through the newest RPG (currently Final Fantasy XV) or zoning out playing Rocket League. I've always been fond of the RPG genre as a whole from the gripping stories, vast array of characters, and the beautiful scenery! One of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy VII. I play through it at least once a year and each time I feel like a catch something else that I didn't get the last time. I'm huge into retro gaming as well, once I was close to about 500 games in my collection. I've simmered down quite recently and unfortunately have been selling a majority of it since I don't play any of them as much as I'd like to. From preferred genres though other than RPGs I really enjoy Platformers and Adventure games. Though I will literally play any game that I can get my hands on. I'm extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends! Hopefully I'll see you all at the shop soon!  
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