7 Terrible Video Game Songs!

To me, music can make or break a video game. I usually find myself listening to soundtracks all the time. The song could just be catchy or it can help make a heavier impact on a certain scene. There's plenty of games that have phenomenal tracks (I may do a blog later on about that)...then there's some that are just terrible. There's for sure more out there and I'm sure some of you know of these. For those who don't though; get ready for the best music in video games history.

1. 1942 - Stage Theme (NES)
Nothing gets me more pumped up than this song right here. It's truly ahead of it's time and what it was able to pull off with the NES hardware is nothing short of incredible. 

2. Cruis'n USA - Main Menu (N64)
Honestly this shouldn't be on the list. CRUSSSINNNNNN YEAHUHYEAHHHH

3. Doom - E1M1 (Sega 32x)
When you booted this bad boy up and selected your difficulty you were greeted with one of the most intense songs at the time in a video game. You were ready to kill everything. This version however, makes you want to get killed so it stopped.

4. Taz-Mania - The Whole Game (Game Gear)
Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe this. It truly is a masterpiece. 

5. Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dualshock - Mansion Basement 
This is kind of a sad story? The composer of this Soundtrack's name is Mamoru Samuragouchi. He started losing his hearing and eventually went "deaf". He was dubbed a "digital-age Beethoven" with his ability to create beautiful compositions. Though it was found out he wasn't actually deaf and that all the music since 1996 that was attributed to him was actually written by a ghostwriter Takashi Niigaki. So it's actually Takashi's fault this exists. At least the Onimusha soundtrack he wrote is good..

6. Sonic Chronicles - Central City (DS)
As a YouTube comment says "I'm in the Discomfort Zone now".

7. Blue Dragon - Eternity (360)
Instrumentally this song isn't bad at all. It's Ian Gillan's voice (Singer from Deep Purple) that ruins this for me. 

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