Pricing Changes Happening at LAN Mob

How much can five dollars buy? Read on!

Entering our second year in business we thought it would be a good time to revisit our product pricing. We've added a lot of products and offerings over the last 15 months which has caused some...interesting holes in pricing. Example: we presently charge $20 for a VIP membership that could include a day pass and a lock-in ($50 value) plus an additional 10% off all purchases for a month, which works out to under 90 cents an hour in perks alone. Great for customers but not so much for a struggling small business!

We very much appreciate our regulars and have kept them in mind for much of the pricing changes. I'll start out with the bad news!

The End of The $10 Night Pass

We like to provide value, but with a $2.50/hour base rate for four hours, this one was providing a bit too much value. It was a popular product and we're introducing some replacements for it, read on below!

Standard Pricing

The good news is most of our standard pricing remains the same - an hour is still four dollars, and the 3 hour/$10 deal remains in effect - but there are some changes beyond that point. The evening pass is basically being replaced with our weekly event nights, and we've also introduced a SUPER VALUE after-school $5 flat, recognizing a lot of kids would like to visit the shop after school but are often strapped for cash. Our All Day Pass still provides the most value of all our offerings.

1 hour = $4 + tax
3 hours = $10 + tax ($3.33/hr)
*After School Fiver = $5 | 3 pm - 5 pm ($2.30/hr)*
All Day Pass = $25 flat | noon - midnight ($2.08/hr)

New Nightly Event Pricing

We're adding events every day of the week that kick off at 6 pm and run until midnight (or sometimes later!).  New "game nights" focus on our most popular games as well as a "staff choice" game every week. These nights will be featured every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

Monday - $15 | League of Legends | Overwatch | Staff Choice
Tuesday - $5 | SSB4 Friendlies | Pizza Included
Wednesday - $15 | League of Legends | Overwatch | Staff Choice 
Thursday - RESERVED
Friday - $15 | League of Legends | Overwatch | Staff Choice 
Saturday - Lock-in | $25 | Pizza Included 
Sunday - $15 | League of Legends | Overwatch | Staff Choice 

VIP Overhaul

Our VIP program is shifting to a subscription model. When you sign up for the VIP program we'll send an invoice to your email registering you for a recurring monthly payment. Your perks will renew in shop and be available for you throughout the month, but will expire at the end of the month.

VIP pricing has increased to $25/month to match our day pass price. We'll now be offering VIP parties once a quarter - the shop will be closed to VIPs only until 2 am, with pizza provided. All you need to participate is an active membership. You can even show up the day of the party and purchase a membership to qualify! 

We've also added a second "Super VIP" tier priced at $50/month, which offers 2 perks per month, VIP party eligibility, and qualifying for the "VIP Streak" - a consecutive months subscribed that will boost your 10% flat discount to 15% at 3 months and 20% discount at 12 months. Just keep your Super VIP active and you'll qualify for the streak!  We'll offer a 3-day grace period if your billing lapses.

Here are a full list of VIP perks now available in the system, we will be adding more in the future! 

Included - 10% flat discount 
Included - VIP quarterly party
Perk Option 1 All Day Pass ($25 value)
Perk Option 2 Lock-in ($25 value)
Perk Option 3 T-shirt ($25 value)
Perk Option 4 Beanie ($25 value) 
Perk Option 5 8 hours game time ($28 value)
15% Discount (Super VIP 3-month+ streak)
20% Discount (Super VIP 12-month+ streak) 


We want to keep pricing low and affordable for everyone, and we believe this pricing model will work for us for the next year or so. We also are looking at ways to make the event nights feel more like events, and expect to have a new in-store rewards system rolling out soon that should help on that end. We appreciate the support of everyone who has become a regular customer and hope that the new pricing model meets your approval!
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